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Article ED00012: About Music - 21C Music Education


Dr James Humberstone delivers his '21st Century Music Education' lecture at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


Anyone interested in the role of Music Education and the research supporting the importance of it in education generally..


Educational practice often lags behind developments in the culture of young people and innovative research in educational research. Political debate about education focuses on the best ways to teach numeracy and literacy, while the arts continue to be sidelined. At the same time, innovative research and related school pilot projects indicate that experiential, culturally relevant education engages children in a myriad of ways and leads to improved educational results across the curriculum. James Humberstone draws on recent research and his own practice to argue that best-practice music education is in the vanguard of all education in the 21st century.

James Humberstone lectures in music education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. A passionate educator, composer, musicologist and music technologist, James’s research output crosses all these fields. His most recent work includes a chapter in the forthcoming Handbook of Technology and Music Education (OUP), as well as research into the use of tablet computers in music education and on Malcolm Williamson’s mini-operas for children. He is currently working on ‘Noise Husbandry’, an electro-acoustic installation work for the Australian National Maritime Museum on the battleships in Darling Harbour.

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