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The Music EDnet Mentor program - making a real difference to music education

Wanted! The best tech-savvy music teachers in Australia and New Zealand

mentor : noun.
» an experienced and trusted adviser

The EDnet Mentor program is aimed at seeking out and recognising the best tech-savvy music educators in Australia and New Zealand and providing them with an opportunity to network with, inspire and learn from their professional colleagues. EDnet Mentors exemplify excellence in professional teaching as they continuously learn, innovate and build their skills. Above all, EDnet Mentors inspire their students and embrace opportunities to enhance learning through new pedagogies and technologies.

EDnet MentorBecoming an EDnet Mentor

EDnet Mentors are specifically invited by Music EDnet to share their teaching strategies and experiences. EDnet Mentors have the opportunity to present at DAYTiME conferences across our region and work closely with the EDnet team in developing resources and training materials. EDnet Mentors will not only provide inspiration to other educators, they will also gain from the professional networking experience and help to develop innovative teaching methodologies.

EDnet Mentor nominations for 2019 open now!

Attention all Classroom and Instrumental teachers

If you believe you have the enthusiasm and experience to inspire and are keen to share what you are doing with technology, then we want to hear from you. Or perhaps you have an outstanding colleague you would like to nominate. We invite you to submit a nomination.

Why should you nominate?

Firstly, this is a new initiative by Music EDnet that is intended to support advocacy in music education and provide high quality professional learning opportunities for music educators and pre-service teachers on evolving pedagogies and the effective integration of technology. Advocacy is a very important aspect where EDnet Mentors will have a significant impact and Music EDnet will be working closely with ASME (Australia) and MENZA (New Zealand) to maximise the opportunities to promote the benefits of music in education.

Secondly, being recognised as an EDnet Mentor will bring with it a number of unique benefits for both the individual educators and their schools. Music EDnet will formally recognise EDnet Mentors selected from each Australian state and New Zealand at DAYTiME conferences with awards supported by our sponsors and the wider EDnet Team. There will also be a formal recognition and appreciation of schools that support EDnet Mentor nominations ... a key part of building support for the value of music in education.

We are seeking nominations for EDnet Mentors from every state and territory of Australia and New Zealand.

Each successful nominee will receive:

  • Technology and/or $ awards provided by Music EDnet, the EDnet Team and our supporting sponsors
  • EDnet Mentor membership - unique status with ongoing benefits and access to EDnet resources and technology
  • Invitations
    • to be an EDnet Team member as a Mentor and to contribute to group discussions. think tank and the EDnet resource library
    • to present at DAYTiME conferences across Australia and New Zealand (all expenses paid)
    • to submit articles for ACCENT newsletters
    • to trial and review new technology products
  • International recognition through Music EDnet connections and possible support to present at international conferences

Music EDnet training package
Music EDnet will be establishing a 12 month PD package with EDnet Mentors to help develop and build technolgy skills for music educators. This will include a one-day Symposium with all EDnet Mentors invited along with the EDnet Team and industry representatives ... a unique opportunity to help shape the future of music education with.technology.

Nomination process

On-line nominations can be submitted via the secure form below. Each nomination will be assessed by a qualified selection panel and finalists will be contacted by the end of December. All applicants will receive a confirmation email when their nomination is received.

IMPORTANT : All applications received will be verified to ensure they were submitted with the nominee's knowledge and approval.

Each nomination must include:

  • Your personal contact details (including a daytime phone number)
  • Your school details and the contact details of your Principal or Supervisor
  • A maximum of two A4 pages (or approximately 500 words) outlining what you do with technology and what you would like to share
  • A supporting statement (maximum of one A4 page) from your Principal or Supervisor

The nomination form, including the document files, must be submitted no later than Friday 7 December 2018.

Please complete the following details and press the SUBMIT button. You will receive an automatic confirmation email that will include the details submitted Nominations for 2019 close on Friday 7 December 2018.

Your details

First Name:
Last Name:
Phone (daytime):
Home Address:
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Your School

School Name:
School Address:
Principal or Supervisor:

Tell us about the things you do and what you would like to share

  • We want to know the year levels you teach and a little about how you are working with technology to enhance student learning.
  • Please include any special initiatives you (or your school) may have introduced in utilising technology. In particular, strategies used to extend learning beyond the classroom, address specific areas of your curriculum or to support special needs of students.
  • If you are invited to present a session at a DAYTiME conference, please provide a short synopsis of what your session would cover.

Upload a document (maximum of two A4 pages) OR type in the text box below
(Document types: pdf; doc; docx; txt; rtf.):

Max 2500 characters (approximately 300 words):

Support from your Principal or Supervisor

Please attach a supporting statement from your Prinicipal or Supervisor endorsing your nomination (maximum of one A4 page)
(Document types: pdf; doc; docx):

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