Web-page-header-image.pngThis is a freely accessible video bundle showcasing some of the many notable keynotes and sessions captured at Music EDnet's DAYTiME conference series over several years.

The videos include keynotes by Challis Primary School Principal Lee Musumeci, who you may know from the ABC's excellent documentary 'Don't Stop the Music', MusicFirst Director Jim Frankel, NoteFlight Director John Mlynczak and Senior Lecturer in Music Education for the Sydney Conservatorium, Dr James Humberstone.

The accompanying session videos cover a range of cloud music software and online learning management system demonstrations focused on music education, including NoteFlight, SoundTrap and MusicFirst along with some dedicated sessions on music technology based performance and composition with Ableton Live.

For more great video content from DAYTiME and other music education conferences such as ASME and Kodály, head to the link below!


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