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Technology Review

Technology Review

A comprehensive planning process to ensure your successful future with technology

Kickstart your planning process and get on the right track with a thorough audit and written assessment prepared by Music EDnet. A Music Technology Review is a comprehensive process unique for your school and takes account of your curriculum focus, year levels and class sizes, physical facilities and room layouts, existing technology and infrastructure, ICT and BYOD/BYOT programs, budgets and funding options and PD requirements … and develops and documents your vision and a blueprint for planning.

The Music Technology Review process reflects over 25 years of working with schools throughout Australia and implementing dozens of successful music technology facilities ... from primary through to tertiary institutions. Schools that have built their planning based on a Music Technology Review have all achieved their objectives over time ... typically establishing or fully upgrading their facilities over a 1-3 year period.

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NOTE: Cost below is for a single campus. Please contact Music EDnet for a quote for a multi-campus review.

ED price: A$1800.00+GST  [ A$1980.00 inc GST ]

Music Technology ReviewWhether you are planning to establish music technology in new facilities or upgrade your existing technology a Music EDnet Music Technology Review is a most cost effective way to ensure success.

Why spend money on a Technology Review?

A fair question when budgets are tight and every dollar available is never enough in today's economic climate. However, from 25+ years of experience it will prove to be one of the most valuable investments you will make when it comes to positioning your music program on a successful path for the future.

Every year we see the budget cycle of quotes around term 3 ... the rush of activity to submit requests to the powers that be with a wish list and a brief justification. We are also very aware of the recurrent budgets that schools typically have ... around 80% is staffing of course ... but a significant 20% is divided up by the key learning areas with a large chunk for ICT across the curriculum. And within this are the global budgets for furniture, OH&S and seeding funds from time to time for new projects.

A Music Technology Review will avoid the waste we so often see in the ad-hoc annual budget process as it will establish a vision (without initial constraints) and the blueprint for future planning. This will ensure that all future expenditure is aligned to achieving the vision ... and the corresponding curriculum outcomes ... is fully documented. This means that gaining the support of leadership and accessing the necessary funding is much easier ... and even changes in HODs and other staff will be far smoother if there is a documented plan.

Part and parcel of a Music Technology Review is the ongoing relationship with Music EDnet and the support that continues into the future. Quite simply this represents great piece of mind knowing that purchasing, commissioning and installing new technology is coordinated with us from the very start. IT staff (we talk their language) have our direct input in setting up software and hardware before it is deployed ... which means it all works as expected under admin, staff and student logins. And after installation there is training for music staff to make sure everything is fully understood from an operational point of view and that you are well ahead of potential issues (usually student driven) before they occur. You are in the driving seat and can have confidence in the day-to-day use of all your technology.

What teachers are saying

Since 2014, our school has established a fantastic relationship with Keith and the team from Music EDnet.  Their expert knowledge and professionalism during a consultation phase [Music Technology Review] allowed for the approval of much-needed funding to bring our music department into the 21st Century. 

Now, four years on, our music classrooms are expertly resourced and student interest is flourishing which is just what we wanted.  This is due to the ongoing support that is very easily accessible, whether it’s face-to-face, through Daytime PD, or a quick conversation on the phone.  We would not be where we are today without the Music EDnet team.

Russell Topp
Music Teacher
Narangba Valley State High School, QLD

The Music Technology Review process

Music Technology Review

Once you decide on a Music Technology Review we will initiate the process with an on-line questionnaire. This will provide us with the initial information we need about your program, curriculum objectives and current resources and an idea of your expectations from the Technology Review. We will then schedule a school visit at a mutually convenient time to gather further information and discuss things in more detail. This tyically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours or a little longer for a larger school. During our discussion we will address the key issues appropriate to your program. This will include such things as:

  • An overview of your current music program
  • Your expectations for integrating music technology
  • Current best practice
  • Evolving curricula and technology
  • ICT and classroom infrastructure, for example
    • BYOD/BYOT programs
    • Managed operating environments (MOE)
    • Storage of student work/files
  • What technology you currently have
  • Furniture and room layout
  • Noise and acoustic environment
  • Available budgets and funding options
  • Professional Development for staff

We will then undertake an audit of existing equipment and software licenses, discuss with IT staff any relevant issues, and provide a written assessment along with recommendations. When appropriate we may also meet with school leaders and/or adminstration staff. This will provide you with a solid foundation on which to base your plan for successfully developing your music technology facilities. It will ensure that you utilise existing equipment where appropriate and focus expenditure where it is most needed. And most importantly it will provide you with a blueprint to follow to give your vision the greatest chance of success.

Payment - when do we charge?

While this is a paid service we do not charge until the review report is completed (unless otherwise requested by the school). During the preliminary process we will quickly identify any underlying issues that would prevent the development of an effective plan. In such rare cases, we would not proceed with nor charge for the review.

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