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Acoustic Review

Acoustic Review

Evaluating the acoustics of your teaching and performance spaces

An important review that provides a report with recommendations to optimise the acoustics of your teaching spaces required for learning with particular attention given to speech, music and OH&S considerations.

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Acoustics and Learning

The acoustic environment of teaching and performance spaces is an often overlooked area in schools, including many new architecturally designed facilities being built today. There are in fact published acoustic standards for Australian and New Zealand schools, but few architects and even fewer school decision makers are aware. [See Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants - Guideline for Educational Facilities Acoustics, September 2010]

Learning is greatly affected by the listening environment. Music teaching adds a further dimension as room acoustics can affect things such as tuning/intonation and dynamics, not to mention increasing exposure to high sound levels and greater stress levels for teaching staff (see research from Bremen University, Germany).

Acoustics and sound go hand in hand of course, but sound proofing and acoustic treatment are very different aspects of controlling and managing an acoustic environment. Sound proofing is basically the elimination, or significant reduction of sound transferring from one space or room to another ... VERY important in a music teaching facility. Acoustic treatment is the control of sound within a room and is primarily about reducing reflections or reverberation, which in turn can reduce the overal sound level in a room. Consequently this will reduce transfer to adjacent spaces, but is NOT sound proofing.

Performance spaces have different requirements depending on the main use or style of music. Orchestral and choral performances, for example, will sound far better in a more reverberant environment whereas a stage band, rock group or percussion ensemble is best in a less reverberant space ... as is speech.

An acoustic review by Music Ednet can provide you with all the information you need to improve existing facilities as well as ensure new facility designs will meet acoustic performance expectations. To discuss and arrange an Acoustic Review contact Music EDnet.

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