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Sibelius Ultimate (previously Sibelius)

Sibelius Ultimate

Product parameters

Platform: WIN|MAC
License: Single ED
ID required for ED: ID required when activating software
Multi License avail: Yes - See pricing details below
Version: 2020
Notes: Perpetual license or subscription (annual)
Manufacturer: Avid
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ED price: A$390.00+GST (Aus 10%, NZ 15%)
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*WARNING about perpetual licenses!
Avid is no longer providing upgrades for perpetual licenses that do not have a current Update and Support Plan.
If you choose NOT to renew your Update and Support Plan annually (no later than 30 days after expiry) then your perpetual license will remain at whatever version you have at that time. You will NOT be able to upgrade after that.

NOTE: If you’re not sure which option is correct for you, please contact us for clarification before purchasing, or review the extra info on this page.

IMPORTANT! Appropriate ID is required to activate a new Sibelius academic license.
Full details available here

Total price (without tax): A$390.00

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