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The range of software available today is vast, particularly in music, audio, video and graphics. Some applications have gained reputations as "industry standard", but only a very few of these are recommended for educational environments... and most tend to be in the senior secondary and tertiary areas.

Choosing the best software for your needs requires an understanding of what you are wanting to achieve (ie learning outcomes, curriculum) and also the hardware and infrastructure requirements to use them effectively. This is not simply a budget decision, but includes factors such as training/professional development of teaching staff, school IT infrastructure and support capabilities and available facilities/timetabling.

Music EDnet's experience and expertise - helping you avoid expensive mistakes

Evolving trends in ICT, including cloud-based applications, portable devices and tablets, student laptops and emerging BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies adds considerable complexity to the task of choosing the right software and licensing arrangements for your particular school. Before embarking on any new facilities or major upgrades we strongly recommend you arrange Music EDnet to conduct a comprehensive Technology Review and Report.

The software categories below will help guide you through what is available and what it does. More information and resources for educators are available under the Support menu.

Ordering Multi Seat licenses for software

Most software is available in multi-seat or site licenses. Multi-seat license pricing is included under a separate tab for each program when available. Ordering of multi-seat licenses requires a school purchase order. For all multi-seat license purchases it is recommended that you contact Music EDnet first to ensure you are purchasing the correct license ... and we can also check for any existing licenses.

Music & Audio - Creative

Sequencing & Recording
Audio Editing & Recording (no MIDI)
Audio Loop Composing
Auto Arranging & Composing
Step Sequencing
Virtual Instruments
Plug-in Effects & Processors

Music & Audio - Learning

Aural and Theory
Primary Music
Music Learning Resources

Video & Graphics

Video Editing
Video Sequencing
Video Effects
Graphics & Animation

Cloud Options

Cloud based software

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