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Power Amplifiers

The power amp is the last electronic item in an audio system and provides the power required to drive the speaker system(s). A power amplifiers typically receives a line level audio signal from a mixer (sometimes via an electronic crossover or drive electronics) and delivers the high level signal directly to a speaker system.

Power amplifier ratings are important to understand to ensure they are suitably matched to the speaker systems, both in terms of impedance (eg 8 ohms) and power ratings. Power ratings can cause considerable confusion as manufacturers often quote very high power into low impedance loads and use various terms (eg peak, continuous, RMS).

The important thing is to have sufficient power to drive your speakers safely without over driving or clipping the power amplifier. A common error is to use an underpowered amplifier and assume this will not damage a speaker. Contact Music EDnet for advice on matching amplifiers with speaker systems.

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