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PA and Live Sound

PA (or Public Address) and Sound Reinforcement systems come in all shapes and sizes, but all are intended to amplify or reinforce sound.

The term "PA" was originally used to describe an electronic amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used primarily for speech to "address" a large "public" ... such as public gatherings, sporting events, making announcements in travel terminals and so on.

Sound Reinforcement is a term used most often for systems designed primarily to amplify or reinforce the sound of live performances (of all kinds) and music to an audience and typically includes mixing of multiple microphones and other sources and signal processors, for both effect and control.

Both "PA" and "Sound Reinforcement" are often used interchangably and opinions vary as to how they should be differentiated ... by intended use or by the sophistication of the technology.


Today's PA and Live Sound systems range from small, personal voice amplification (particularly relevant for teachers), small classroom sound systems and portable PAs right through to touring stage systems (with separate Front of House (FOH) and monitor/foldback systems) and installed systems in halls and performing venues.

Choosing or designing a live sound system does require some specialised knowledge and we recommend you contact Music EDnet. We have considerable expertise and experience in designing, supplying and installing systems of all sizes ... and can provide the training and support to ensure you and your colleagues are able to use the system effectively.

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