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Recording Microphones

Choosing suitable microphones for recording can be quite a chore. There are no absolute rules as any microphone can theoretically be used to record, but the key is to choose the best microphone for the specific task based on the characteristics of the sound being recorded ... such as dynamic levels, frequency range, harmonic content and so on ... as well as the envrionment (room or studio acoustics and whether you are recording a live performance). Of course you also need to consider your budget. Studio microphones, as a general guide, will cost more than your every day live sound or PA mic.

There are certainly some general "rules of thumb" however with more expensive condenser microphones (with various pickup or polar patterns) and ribbon microphones being more common in studio recordings. But dynamic microphones are also widely used, particular on louder instruments.

Here you will find microphones that are practical for recording applications in a studio and/or live performance environment. Many of course you will also find under live sound reinforcement microphones.

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