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Portable Keyboards

Portable Keyboards have been popular since their introduction in the 1970s when they enable access to a keyboard instrument at much lower cost than a traditional acoustic piano or electronic organ.

The most popular portable keyboards have 61 notes with touch sensistive keys (full sized) and are ideal for beginners learning keyboard skills ... but are also convenient, portable instruments for experience players. Smaller 49 note keyboards are also available and the lowest cost instruments do not have touch sensitive keys (no dynamics) ... and some may also have mini sized keys. The 49 note instruments are fine for junior primary or very young beginners, however we do not recommend these instruments beyond year 3.

For primary and middle school we recommend 61 note touch sensistive keyboards and ideally instruments that also have General MIDI sounds (or more) and a USB port for connecting to computers. This provides the most flexible options in learning by allowing the integration with computer applications and extended resources such as Keyboard Evolution and Studio Sessions.

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