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Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos are available in a range of styles from basic semi-portable (with or without a stand) through to full consoles, grands and professional stage pianos. All digital pianos include additional instrument sounds ... some with quite a large selection ... and most will have at least some weighting in their action.

The professional stage pianos and the better consoles and grands will have high quality keyboard actions, closely emulating the feel and response of acoustic pianos along with sostenuto and half damping pedalling systems. On some models, natural acoustic resonance characteristics are also achieved through sophisticated sound modelling technology.

Professional stage pianos will normally require a separate amplifier or PA system while consoles and grands and those intended for general and portable use usually include built-in amplifiers and speakers.

Virtually all digital pianos today can be connected to a computer via a USB cable or a MIDI to USB adaptor. This allows you to record your performance into a MIDI sequencing/recording application or a notation/scoring program.

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