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Drums and Percussion

Digital or electronic drums and percussion are widely used in schools ... as well as professionally in studios and on stage. Today's instruments are highly sophisticated offering a wide range of sounds and performance capabilities, not to mention very easy to set up and transport.

The obvious advantages of electronic percussion are the wide range of available sounds that can be triggered and the total control over sound levels, including practicing and learning in silence.

Electronic drum kits range from compact and basic, such as the Roland HD3, through to professional kits with powerful sound modelling that are capable of emulating a multitude of sounds comparable to the best acoustic kits ... and with a similar playing experience.

Electronic percussion comes in many forms, from small hand triggered pads thru to multi-pads that can have many sampled sounds. There are also MIDI triggers available to trigger the sounds in an electronic drum module (or any MIDI sound source) from an acoustic drum kit.

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