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Near Field Monitors

Nearfield monitors” is the name given to any speaker system that you listen to in close proximity... whether working at your computer or sitting at a mixing console in a studio control room. Typically they are placed within 1 to 2 metres from where you work and aim to minimise the impact of the acoustic characteristics of the room. This is achieved simply by the fact that closer speakers produce direct sound that is far louder than any reflections from surrounding walls or other objects.

The standard for computer workstations thru to small studios

Traditional studios have large monitors typically mounted with the front flush to the wall and at least 2-3 metres from the engineer. The Control Room is then acoustically treated to minimize colouration of the sound and the engineer sits at the mixing console in the “sweet spot” - the position where room acoustics are most favourable. Nearfield monitors are far less expensive and the quality available today makes them the preferred choice of most engineers. Active monitors are recommended wherever possible. These systems have amplifiers built in (usually bi-amped in better systems) and ideally matched... not to mention the convenience.

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