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Audio Mixers for Recording

Audio mixers cover a wide range of applications, including live sound, recording and installed sound systems. While some mixers are specifically designed to suit particular aplications, many can be used for more than one purpose.

Here we have included audio mixers that are specifically intended for recording as well as selected mixers that, while primarily intended for live mixing also may be used for recording. In fact most small mixers these days have "Tape In/Out" connections that permint stereo (2 channel) recording of the live mix.

Mixer vs Control Surface

Control Surfaces are now common place in recording systems and while they are used for mixing, they are in fact "controlling" mixing via the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software ... such as Pro Tools. An audio mixer on the the other hand actually mixes the audio signals directly, usually while recording, but can also be used to mix down a multi-track production. Note however that some audio mixers do have control surface capabilities (eg Allen & Heath ZED R16) and vice versa ... such as the Avid C|24.

Product List

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