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Here you will find a range of amplifiers for guitar, bass, keyboards and electronic drums ... and other instruments that are equipped with pickups.

Guitar amps in particular differ from bass and keyboard amps (and PA amps) due to the tonal characteristics required for amplifying electric guitars. In general bass amps and keyboard amps have a smooth frequency response over the appropriate range of the instruments. This is why many keyboard amps also have microphone inputs and can be used as a small vocal PA. Guitar amps on the other hand will not sound great as a PA or keyboard amp.

Acoustic guitars with pickups are best used with an acoustic guitar amp ... which has a smooth frequency response over the range of an acoustic electric guitar.

Important considerations for school use includes portability and reliability. Full vaccuum tube or valve guitar amps are certainly the professional choice, but keep in mind the cost and fragility of valves before making that choice. Many guitar amps these days include tube preamps or very sophisticated amp modelling and/or tube emulation circuitry.

Using your PA to amplify guitars, bass guitars and keyboards

Provided your PA system has sufficient performance capabilities you can connect acoustic electric guitars (acoustic guitars with pickups), keyboards and bass guitars directly to your PA (or preferably via a Direct Injection box or DI). Electric guitars however should connect only via a guitar preamp or effects unit that has appropriate tonal characteristics and/or amp modelling. Some guitar amps do have pre-amp outputs for this purpose. Connecting an electric guitar directly to a PA will not sound particularly good.

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