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Acoustic Treatment

Classrooms, music teaching rooms, dance studios, recording studios, auditoria, chapels and even gymnasiums ... acoustic sound control is often overlooked yet fundamentally important to effectively communicate the spoken word and for music playback and performance. Poor acoustic environments can also be an OH&S hazard and detrimental to student learning. However, acoustic treament can make a huge difference and is also easy to install.

Acoustic treatment is the process of controlling sound within a room regardless of size ... ie reducing reverberation, echoes and flutter to improve intelligibility of speech and the definition of music. Spending thousands to purchase a new sound system without first treating the room often results in a very marginal improvement.

Sound proofing vs acoustic treatment.

Sound proofing should not be confused with acoustic treatment. Sound proofing refers to the elimination of sound transmission BETWEEN rooms. Acoustic treatment refers to controlling the sound WITHIN a room. Sound proofing is achieved by structural design ... namely dense, heavy materials that literally separate rooms ... also often overlooked in the design of music teaching and performance areas and quite expensive to fix later.

The most common oversight with sound proofing is the ceiling and roof space which is often a large open area where sound can readily transmit from room to room. Solid or double-stud walls that extend above the ceiling through to the roof (or concrete floor of higher storey) is a basic requirement for sound proofing. Easy and relatively inexpensive to achieve at the building design stage.

However ...
Acoustic treatment will help reduce the transmission of sound between rooms by reducing the level of sound within a room.

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