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Designing the perfect music environment with custom furniture

The environment that we learn in can have a major influence on the outcome. So, how can we create the best space for effective music education? Custom furniture is a good place to start.

The environment in which people work and learn is crucial in determining the outcome. Not only can the right surroundings make all the difference in terms of getting into the best mindset, but a well-equipped space can be hugely beneficial ergonomically. Conversely, an ill-equipped environment can not only have a detrimental effect on achieving excellence, it can also contribute to unwanted OH&S issues.

There are few areas where this environmental importance is more critical than in education. Classrooms ambience can make all the difference between an atmosphere that promotes positive learning and one that leaves students uninspired. From a music education perspective, this is doubly relevant, as we endeavour to create an environment that will foster creativity, allowing students to flex their musical muscles without restriction.

Of all the different elements that go into creating the perfect music education environment, one of the most important is furniture, and this is certainly a feature of our Music Technology Review

The right tools for the job

Rather than trying to compromise with generic furniture, the most effective music education facilities use equipment that has been custom designed to meet the unique requirements of the typical music program.

As a result, the desks used in a musical environment ideally won't be the same as those used in other classrooms, but should offer flexibility to accommodate a range of subject areas and learning activities. To this end we often recommend that a variety of furniture options be utilised, one of which is the Music EDnet Creation Station, commonly known as the 'computer music workstation'.

Our music workstation desks
are designed by an experienced
team and built right here in Australia.

A Creation station for your needs

A clear desktop on which to place a computer, laptop or other device, books or other learning materials is important. To facilitate this it is imperative to have a slide-away tray under the desktop to house the piano-style keyboard. The tray should be at the correct playing height for the keyboard, and set on heavy duty ball-bearing glides to withstand the rigours of the classroom.

Appropriately positioned desk grommets and cable baskets are also important for easy cable management. Without taking these factors into account, you may well find that your students' learning is hampered by an uncomfortable posture and a messy maze of plugs and wires… and of course, the requirement to comply with OH&S regulations.

At Music Education Network our Creation Station desks are designed by an experienced team and built right here in Australia. Of course, within the range there are different options available, depending on the specifics such as keyboard size, powered or non-powered and more.

In addition, to best suit the aesthetic of your classroom, all of our workstations are available in a wide choice of colours, so you won't have to sacrifice form for function!
For more information, get in touch with Music Education Network today.

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