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MusicFirst in the Online Classroom

The world of music education is rapidly changing, and for classrooms to keep up they'll have to go online.

MusicFirst can make that transition happen.

The way that we are educating children is rapidly changing. In fact, if we take a look back 50 years, or even a mere 10 years ago, schools are virtually unrecognisable. This can largely be attributed to technological advancement - which has completely changed the world - but also to a fresh understanding of just what kids need to perform at their best. Fun, interactive lessons, the ability to learn remotely and curriculums that can be flexible based on student skill levels have all meant that we can now keep classrooms engaging and exciting places to learn.

There are few subjects where this is more apparent than music. The area is not only a creative one where topics are innately appealing, but it's also technologically driven. This means that huge leaps forward with cloud-based programs can be directly applied to some truly innovative music education software and technology.

So, the question is, where do schools start when it comes to getting in on the action?

The objective is to provide music educators and
their students with modern, affordable software solutions.

Putting Music First

As part of the Music Sales Group, (one of the world's largest audio-related businesses), the goal of MusicFirst is simple - to provide music educators and their students with modern, affordable software solutions that facilitate learning and creativity.
The MusicFirst suite of apps are cloud-based and cover a broad scope of different curriculums - regardless of what level students might be at. You may be dealing with a group that are completely new to the world of music, or perhaps a seasoned school orchestra handling longer performances and tricky rhythms. Either way, MusicFirst can greatly enhance their experience in the classroom.
This isn't just achieved through standard lessons though. Topics cover more contextual areas like history, which adds crucial meaning to the subject and makes it about more than just memorising intervals. Of course, there's still a detailed focus on personal development and theory in particular, and the welcome feature of instant, detailed feedback makes a welcome addition when it comes to swiftly picking up where a student might need some extra help.

Say goodbye to complex and outdated grading systems with Online Classroom.

Learning in the Online Classroom

For an inclusive package that's optimised for schools, MusicFirst Online Classroom is a cutting edge example of great music education software. It's the world's very first learning management system (LMS) built specifically for teaching music, and contains a variety of ingenious online software tools to facilitate this.

On the assessment front, the system boasts online grade books, built-in tests and standards-based lessons to ensure that both you and your pupils are performing well against comparable benchmarks.

Best of all, MusicFirst collects every test, grade, composition and performance, which provides a comprehensive digital portfolio of each students' development and work throughout the year. Similarly, reporting is vastly simplified through powerful and versatile access to any and all data that you might need.

Another great aspect of the MusicFirst Online Classroom suite is just how accessible it is. Of course, the apps can be used in a traditional computer lab setup, but they can also be easily opened at home and used for out of school learning or practice, which is perfect for those students who really catch the music bug and want to continue exploring the subject. Similarly, if you don't have access to enough computers, the entire suite can be accessed via a range of devices including tablets, phones and smart boards, so everybody can enjoy the learning process.

For more information about MusicFirst and the MusicFirst Online Classroom, get in touch with Music Education Network today.

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