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Ableton Live + Push

The next big thing in Secondary Music Education?

A few months ago, when I first pondered the idea of hosting a session on Ableton Live at the recent Music Technology in Education Conference, mtec2013, I will admit it was with some reservations. After all, Live is currently not widely used in secondary music education, and the great majority of the delegates at mtec2013 were expected to be secondary music educators. So I was absolutely delighted (and somewhat relieved) when the session was completely booked out. In fact, where the session was officially for 16 delegates only, we had a total of 25 turn up... fortunately there was enough room to accommodate everyone!

The 90 minute session was presented by Adam Maggs, head of curriculum and training at Liveschool, the worlds' first Ableton-dedicated training centre located in Sydney.

The majority of the session centred around the incredible features of Live, with a particular focus on the ways in which Live can be used to achieve specific curriculum outcomes. From chord and song structure to sequencing and editing MIDI, from arranging and composition to real-time video manipulation, the possibilities are endless!

There are several reasons why Ableton is not more widely used in secondary education, but two of the most significant are identifying curriculum relevance and the lack of PD opportunities and resources specifically for teachers. Over the coming months I anticipate that this will change radically... stay tuned for more details! 

The session concluded with a live demonstration of the new Ableton Push... a hardware controller that facilitates hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure. Push is an incredible piece of equipment and will prove instrumental in allowing students to perform their works live.

And speaking of live, the entertainment at the conference dinner was provided by the amazing a capella group Suade, performing their show VocalTronics. Using multi-microphone live looping, their 4 voices transforms into what sounds like a choir of 40, and their looping tool of choice was Live! Watch the video below to see Suade in action...  


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