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The benefits of Music EDnet Hub membership
14/11/2018 1:04:55 PM
The active centre of the Music Education Network
Budget Time - An opportunity to plan beyond next year
1/09/2017 1:52:45 PM
At Music EDnet we work with teachers across Australia and New Zealand preparing plans that can and do ensure success. It is quite amazing what a pair of fresh eyes and asking a few questions can uncover. 

Audio Narration Assessment of Student Performance Videos.
28/07/2017 5:35:26 PM

Audio narration is a powerful and efficient method to use when assessing video submissions of individual student performances.  This article will take you through the process of adding a teacher's narration track in the simple yet powerful video editing software known as Vegas Movie Studio.

Debunking the strange side of Ableton - by Johann Dreyer
20/04/2017 4:07:42 PM

When doing music technology presentations one of the most common questions, asked by secondary school teachers, is about implementing Ableton into their curriculum. Particularly, which five things to show their students to get them started with the program. So here they are!

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