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Kye Thomas

Kye ThomasGeneral Manager - College of Sound and Music Production (COSAMP)

Kye Thomas has many years of experience as a musician, songwriter, performer, recording engineer producer and audio lecturer. He has held senior positions at various Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and has been designing music technology based teaching resources for VET in schools for a number of years.

Kye's strong interest in education along with his industry experience was the driving force behind the establishment of the College of Sound and Music Production (COSAMP) in Melbourne while working with co-director Peter Frawley at Salt Studios ... a successful commercial recording studio which also provides training opportunities for upcoming recording engineers.

In his role as General Manager, Kye has been responsible for the development of the
Tech Production Network (TPN) ... a comprehensive range of music technology training resources and support materials for VET and, more recently, has extended the courseware to cover all secondary years in the music ... including high quality resources for SACE Music Technology in South Australia and TCE Audio Design in Tasmania.

Kye travels the country working with schools and supporting teachers and students in achieving the best possible results utilising the TPN music technology resources
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