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Keith Huxtable

Keith HuxtableManaging Director

Keith's first experience in the music industry was as a performing musician while still at high school in Melbourne in the mid 1960s. At the same time he had a strong interest in pursuing a career in electronics and went on to study Electrical Engineering at Monash University while continuing to perform part time as a professional musician.

As an engineer and musician Keith began his full-time career on the technical side of the music industry with Rose Music in Melbourne (now Yamaha Australia). Since that time he has held senior technical and marketing positions with Yamaha and Roland, is a past Vice President of the Australian Music Association and an active member of ASME. Keith has also been fortunate to travel the world while with Yamaha and Roland and spent many years in professional audio working with recording studios, major live venues, radio and television studios and continues to keep up to date with the latest in live and recording technology and acoustics.

While at Roland Keith established a unique Music Learning Centre in Sydney with the collaboration of the NSW Conservatorium and a board of highly respected advisers. The Sydney Centre was a successful trial in the effective use of technology in music education and reinforced Keith’s belief in broadening the use of technology in music and other arts strands. During this trial Keith also discovered earlier NSW Departmental research (documented by Dr Doreen Bridges) and saw firsthand the enormous value of music in the curriculum, long before the “Music Makes You Smarter” theme of recent years.

Keith moved to Adelaide in 1991 to establish what is now known as Music EDnet through which he has pursued the advocacy of music in education along with technology as his mission. Today Music EDnet is nationally recognized as a leading source of music technology in schools and educational institutions. Keith and his team travel throughout Australia and New Zealand (from 2016), working closely with teachers and ICT staff in schools as well as departmental decision makers and curriculum bodies.

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