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Martin Emo

Martin Emo

Music Teacher - NZ
EDnet Mentor 2016

Martin is a teaching fellow at Victoria University of Wellington, training pre-service high school music teachers. He is also a doctoral candidate investigating the relationship between teacher beliefs of music education and how they use digital technologies in the classroom. A high school teacher of 12 years, he is a classically trained musician, DJ and creates music as a Digital Musician.

Martin holds a Masters in Education, Bachelor of Music in Musicology and Electro-acoustic Composition and High School Teaching diploma.  He is a member of the board of Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa, Australian & New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education and holds a number of mentor and facilitator positions including with the NZ Ministry of Education, NZ Qualifications Authority, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, EDnet Australasia and through his own website www.martinthomasemo.com.  Martin has also provided education consultancy to Melodics and Serato, and is currently contracted to Ableton.

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