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Music Education Network Pty Ltd
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Our History

Music Education Network (Music EDnet) was established in Adelaide in April 1991, known then as Multi Learn Australia. From the beginning, our focus has been on the effective integration of technology in education, with the major emphasis on music. After our formation we quickly established key links with the South Australia Technology School of the Future and the Department of Education. By the mid 1990s we had become the leading provider of music technology products and services to primary and secondary schools, TAFEs and universities in South Australia. Since our inception we have designed, installed and commissioned hundreds of music and digital media labs and have supplied schools and teachers with a comprehensive range of electronic instruments and music, audio and video/media technology and related resources, training and support.

This year (2022) we celebrate 31 years and reach the education sector throughout Australia and New Zealand (since 2016) actively visiting and working with schools and educational institutions across the region.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to inspire and support educators in making a meaningful difference to music and arts education through the effective integration of technology ... technology that engages students, empowers teachers and turbo charges the creative mind.

Music EDnet aims to continually learn all it can about the needs and opportunities confronting educational institutions, educators and their students. Through trusting and productive relationships with teachers, department heads and administrators, we provide thorough and reliable assessments and subsequent recommendations irrespective of scale or activity. We believe - and practice the belief - that when a business provides guidance and recommendations based on considerable knowledge and does so with integrity, its clients succeed and so too does the business.

Being in business for the primary purpose of making money might be a goal for others, but for Music EDnet it is purely a measure of how well we deliver on our mission.

Our Business

Integrating Technology - Driven by Curriculum, made possible through Consultation and Planning

LabWorking with teachers, ICT staff and school leaders, Music EDnet assists with the building of a vision intended to achieve specific curriculum outcomes through the effective integration of technology. We prepare comprehensive plans to establish or upgrade facilities including layout and infrastructure design, supply and installation, support and training. Our expertise and services extend to virtually anything regarding digital media technology from the most basic information on software licensing, to crucial engagement on 'from the ground up' capital works where digital music and media technology are central. Regardless of budget or practical constraints, through careful consideration, consultation and planning, a vision is built. Without exception, this process leads to a better understanding of options and significantly enhances our client's capabilities.

Audio & Video - Recording, Live and Classroom, all clearly focused on Education

AudioAudio and sound technology solutions in education encompass personal voice amplification for teachers, classroom sound systems, instrument amplification, portable recording, podcasting, professional recording systems, live sound reinforcement and PA. For each case as required, Music EDnet delivers the right recommendations, the right gear and all-important training and support.

The relevance of video and all media technology is expanding exponentially in today's learning... from spontaneous capture of performances, benchmarking, student projects and presentations across all subject areas through to professional video recording, animation and editing in media studies. Music EDnet has the expertise and educational experience to provide the most effective video production tools, hardware and software.... and training.

Collaborative Learning & Participation

LearningPD and support are only a part of how Music EDnet and educators can engage with each other. Among the many opportunities educators have to connect and communicate, Music EDnet invites all educators to collaborate and participate with colleagues and with Music EDnet at DAYTiME and other conferences, workshops and in schools around Australia and New Zealand and at any time through our own on-line Profesional Learning Community (Music EDnet PLC).  The Music EDnet community is all about facilitating connections between members, to EDnet and to experts in our region and around the globe - all for the purpose of promoting the successful integration of music and media technology tools and resources in education.

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