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Roland HS5 Session Mixer Tutorial Series

Roland HS5 - Part 1, Introduction.



Roland HS5 Part 2, Intro to Level setting, Phones and My Mix knobs, and the Main Mix A E display.



Roland HS5 Part 3, Bass Guitar and introduction to compression and 'amp emulation' settings.



Roland HS5 Part 4, Electric Guitar and amp emulation settings with reverb adjustment.



Roland HS5 Part 5, Microphone input gain adjustment and compression application.



Roland HS5 Part 6, Changing the overall Reverb type.



Roland HS5 Part 7, Understanding the 'Main Mix' vs individual 'Sub Mixes'.



Roland HS5 Part 8, 'Soloing' yourself in your personal Sub Mix.



Roland HS5 Part 9, Saving the Mixer 'scene' for fast set up in future sessions.



Roland HS5 Part 10, Loading a previously saved mixer 'scene' for reuse.



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