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Martin Emo

Martin EmoEDnet MentorMartin Emo
Head of Music
Waimea College
New Zealand

Martin graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Music in Musicology and Electro-acoustic Composition. This led to time being an electronic specialist for NZ Rockshops when he sold, repaired and supported a variety of clients from Djs and churches to schools and professional studios.

After completing his Teaching Diploma he began teaching in the Far North of New Zealand, followed by time in Central America. Martin is currently Teacher in Charge of Music at Waimea College, the New Zealand TKI Arts Online Musicnet Community Facilitator, and a MENZA board member.

He is passionate about using ICT to increase student outcomes, save time and reduce stress for teachers. An avid vinyl DJ, one of his current music projects integrates a Native Instruments Maschine 2 with Live Synths, Trumpet and Guitar.

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