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Heather Crawford

Heather CrawfordHeather Crawford
Performing Arts Coordinator
Engadine High School
Sydney NSW

Heather is currently the Performing Arts co-coordinator at Engadine High School  (NSW) leading a team of dedicated classroom music and dance teachers. Their award winning extracurricular performing arts program consists of over 250 students involved in Dance, Drama Band and Vocals and their elective program is one of the most popular subjects at the school.

Heather has a particular passion for video games and their soundtracks and was commissioned by MusicEDU to write GameComposer™ with the view to opening up this dynamic and ever-evolving topic to music educators who are keen to find out more.  Heather has developed curriculum content for students in years 9 and 10 that captivate and engage her students, immersing them in the science and technology of video game music.

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