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ACCENT Special Edition - November 2010                                            9

Samson Expedition XP510i PA                                                                               ü Primary
                                                                                                          ü Secondary
Portability, simplicity... and 500W !                                                                     ü Tertiary

                                                     XP510i system             Compact with plenty of connectivity. The mixer is housed
                                                     • 500W                    in the rear of one speaker for transportaion. The other
                                                     • 2 x 10” 2-way speakers  speaker accommodates the supplied speaker cables
                                                     • 24kg total weight       and also a mic and mic cable if you wish. The two speak-
                                                                               ers then slide together to carry as a single unit.

The new top model in the Samson                      Portable design                                      Educational applications
Expedition series delivers greater                   The XP510i is an all-in-one portable PA system       When used in a large classroom or band room the
power... but still portable.                         that offers outstanding power and convenience.       integrated iPod dock is particularly useful... for
                                                     The design includes an internal 500 watt Class       soloists and small ensembles to practice along
The Expedition 308i (XP308i) from Samson,            D powered mixer equipped with seven total            with recorded accompaniment and for the analysis
        released last year, has been a stunning      mic/line and stereo inputs, phantom power, an        of recorded music with realistic dynamics. Add a
        performer despite its compact size. The new  integrated iPod dock, and ten studio-quality 24-bit  portable digital audio recorder and immediately
XP510i expands the Expedition range... utilising     digital effects. In addition, the speakers, mixer,   playback rehearsals and sectional practice through
a similar compact powered mixer design, but with     and integrated 35mm speaker stand mounts can be      the XP510i for feedback and critical evaluation by
a whopping 500W (250W per channel) into the          transported as a single compact bundle that weighs   students.
system’s 10” 2-way speakers.                         just 24kg.
                                                                                                          The Expedition XP510i is a super, portable PA that
 XP308i system                                       Power and flexibility                                provides the power and flexible connections for a
  • 300W                                             Designed for providing quality sound reinforcement   host of musical applications.
  • 2 x 8” 2-way                                     in musical settings, the XP510i is well suited to a
                                                     wide range of performance and rehearsal activities.  But there is also the very popular XP308i. Lower
     speakers                                        When used for vocals, recorded music playback        power, even less weight... but the same convenient
  • 16.8kg total                                     or general PA this system would be quite capable     design concept.
                                                     of covering an audience of around 500 people. In
     weight                                          addition, the system’s speaker enclosures may also
                                                     be used as floor monitors.

And the new XP40i for the classroom, library ...or anywhere
Battery powered 40W PA with iPod dock.

When ultra-portability is required the Expedi-                                 ond 1/4-inch input for mic or line and a 3.5mm stereo
             tion XP40i is just the thing. With a 40 watt                      mini jack AUX input (for MP3 player, computer etc.).
             Class D amplifier that is perfectly matched
to a 6-inch 2-way speaker system, the XP40i is a                               A rechargeable battery provides the XP40i with abso-
consummate single solution to a wide range of public                           lute mobility. In addition, a 1/4-inch link in/out jack al-
address applications, including classrooms, confer-                            lows for linking two systems together to create a stereo
ence/meeting rooms, outdoor events and even small                              setup if desired. Lastly, the XP40i can be mounted on a
auditoriums.                                                                   normal speaker stand. Weight is just 7.6kg.

Key features include an iPod dock with level control,                                                     Contact Music EDnet for more details
an XLR - 1/4-inch combo input for mic or line, a sec-                                                                  Ph 1300 723 700
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