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8 ACCENT Special Edition - November 2010

M-Audio Axiom Pro series                                                                                          ü Secondary

USB Keyboard Controllers with accent on CONTROL ü Tertiary

The latest controller keyboards from M-Audio                                         trol over your DAW soft-     lers set a new standard for Pro Tools keyboard
        are an ideal addition to your digital audio                                  ware. Thanks to M-Audio      control. The HyperControl technology puts instant
        workstation (DAW). In a multi-station lab                                    HyperControl technology,     access to all of your Pro Tools parameters at your
we would generally recommend using a simpler                                         your Axiom Pro controller    fingertips—including mixing, individual track
controller such as the KeyStudio or Sono series.                                     will automatically map to    functionality, and seamless control of virtual instru-
These controllers also include an in-built audio                                     commonly used parameters     ments such as Xpand!, Strike and Hybrid.
interface, which is important when connecting                                        of popular software instru-
directly to a computer. But in the case of a DAW,                                    ments and digital audio      Complete MIDI control
the audio interface is usually a multi-channel,                                      workstations including       Axiom Pro has an amazing array of MIDI-assign-
stand-alone piece of equipment. Control over your                                    Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar,    able controls… a total of 65 on the 61 note model.
software, in particular virtual instruments, is gained                               Logic and Reason* sys-       Velocity-sensitive trigger pads** integrate M-
via your controller keyboard. Using a keyboard to       tems. HyperControl updates the virtual instrument         Audio Trigger Finger technology for laying down
manipulate the software as opposed to the QW-           or track parameter mappings of each control in real       rhythm tracks or triggering loops and samples.
ERTY keyboard and mouse, results in a far more          time as you sequence ... it doesn’t get any easier.       Smoothly control parameters like filters, EQ and
productive workflow as many parameters can be                                                                     panning with the rotary encoder knobs. The 40mm
controlled instantly and simultaneously. And this, in   Transport Controls                                        sliders (each with its own fully assignable button)
turn, results in a more engaging experience.            The six dedicated transport buttons on the Axiom          feature auto-mute to prevent jumping…ideal for
                                                        Pro give you immediate hands-on access to all of          controlling mixes, virtual organ drawbars and more.
HyperControl                                            your software’s playback and recording controls.          The keyboard’s extensive controllers also include
The M-Audio Axiom Pro is available in 25, 49 and        Unlike other all-or-nothing systems, Axiom Pro            fully assignable buttons in the keypad arrangement,
61 note models and is perfect for taking total con-     also features a transport-only mode. This option lets     a data/octave button, pitch bend and mod wheels,
                                                        you access DAW transports and track navigation            aftertouch, and dual assignable pedal jacks. In addi-
                                                        via HyperControl technology, while creating and           tion to USB connectivity, you’ll also find traditional
                                                        controlling your own custom MIDI assignments for          MIDI In and MIDI Out ports for connecting exter-
                                                        the trigger pads, buttons, sliders and encoders.          nal MIDI devices.

                                                        Pro Tools Control                                         *Reason Adaptive (plugin)
                                                        With Pro Tools software being used more in                **Trigger Pads included on 49 and 61 note models only.
                                                        schools, the synergy between it and the Axiom Pro
                                                        is a great benefit. Whether you are working on a            Contact Music EDnet for more details
                                                        Pro Tools M-Powered™, Pro Tools LE® or Pro                                Ph 1300 723 700
                                                        Tools|HD® system, the Axiom Pro MIDI control-

Auralia & Musition updates ... V4.04                                                                              ü Middle school
                                                                                                                  ü Secondary
A host of new and enhanced features                                                                               ü Tertiary

In March 2010 Rising Software released V4               position indicator and playing back entire multiple       Tests can now be ‘locked’ by an Administrator, so
    of their acclaimed aural and theory training        part examples is now much easier…. Simply posi-           that they can’t be modified when a student imports
    programs Auralia and Musition. For the first        tion the cursor over any bar line or between the          it for home use. It is also now possible to hide Ris-

time both programs were available for both Mac          parts.                                                    ing Software tests on the Administration screen.

and Windows and this also marked a huge leap for-       Sound                                                     As well as the overall improved layout of all
ward in content and administrative features. Since      It is now possible to select your wave output device      reports, they now show any parameters such as date
March, there have been over 250 changes… adding                                                                   range, class, user selection, on the first page of the
new features, fixing minor problems and generally       from within Auralia and Musition, making it much          report and there is finally CSV export available for
polishing the products even further.                                                                              all reports via a new button on the report preview.
                                                        easier to solve no sound issues. Tapping latency
                                                        is also now adjustable in the Administration >
                                                        Sound and Pictures > Playback menu.
Syllabus                                                                                                          Contact Music EDnet for more details
There is now a completely new Jazz Syllabus,            Administration
including Courses and Tests… ideal for the many         Perhaps the most under used aspect of Auralia and         FREE upgrades
secondary schools that offer a Jazz focus in their      Musition are the Administration features. This may
curriculum. Rhythm terminology has been im-             take a little time at the outset to setup, but once       Registered users of Auralia V4 and/or
proved throughout all syllabus level descriptions,      configured will save you enormous amounts of              Musition V4 (schools and individuals) can
terms, concepts etc. with dual terminology such         time in marking and general record keeping. Both          upgrade to V4.04 by downloading the update.
as ‘crochet/quarter note’ now eliminated and the        programs can share the same database and student          Go to and
preferred terminology being displayed according to      details can be imported simply by using a .CSV            scroll down to Auralia and/or Musition.
default syllabus setting for the current user’s class.  data file. And there have been some recent improve-

Topics                                                  ments on the Admin side of things too.                    Network users
There have been some minor tweaks to ‘Topics’                                                                     If you are running Auralia or Musition in a net-
including improved feedback to Jazz Chord Pro-          Importantly, Syllabuses can now be ‘locked’, ensur-       worked (Lab Pack or Multi User) environment,
gressions and Pulse Tapping, as well as improved        ing that they aren’t changed by students when they        and have a shared database, you will also
notation labelling on response screen in many           are imported. When importing a syllabus, Auralia          need to upgrade the database that exists on
topics.                                                 will now try to replace an existing syllabus of the       your server. Download the database upgrade
                                                        same name if possible. Any existing results and           utility at ...
Lessons                                                 linked tests will be kept, unless levels have been
When playing notation there is now a playback           completely deleted or replaced.
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