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4 ACCENT Special Edition - November 2010

NEW Mbox 3 series from Avid                                                                                                    ü Secondary
                                                                                                                               ü Tertiary
Updated Pro Tools LE systems arrive

                                                                       combination inputs allowing             education institutions around the world.
                                                                       for either XLR or ¼” jack
                                                       Mbox Mini with  plugs. And the profes-                  Some key features for secondary and tertiary
                                                       Pro Tools LE 8  sional quality 24-bit/96kHz             educators are the Audio Track compositing and
                                                       (included)      converters deliver a superbly           the powerful MIDI and Scoring integration. Track
                                                                       transparent and true sound.             compositing is the process of assembling various
                                                                       There’s also S/PDIF digital             selections from alternate takes, or playlists, to
                                                                       outputs and of course, MIDI             construct the best possible version of a performance
                                                                       in and out.                             from multiple recording passes. Using Playlists
                                                                                                               view for an audio track, you can select the best
                                                                       The Mbox connects to your               parts from the track’s alternate playlists and copy
                                                                       computer via USB and this               them into the main playlist. This lets you quickly
                                                                       also provides the power to              and easily create the “perfect take” from multiple
                                                                       the unit, eliminating the               alternate playlists.
                                                                       need for bulky and cumber-
                                                                       some power supplies.                    The Notation View button lets you view MIDI

                                                                                                               notes in the MIDI editor window as music notation.

                                                                       Each channel has its own                In Notation View, MIDI and instrument tracks are

In keeping with the massive                       Feature             Mbox Mini          Mbox                  Mbox Pro        not superimposed, but are shown
    re-branding exercise that                                                                                                  as staves just like in the Score
    has been underway at AVID     Total simultaneous channels of I/O         2               4
Technology over the last several                                                                               8 Editor window. The Score Edi-
months, the Digidesign name       Simultaneous analogue I/O                  2               2                                 tor window lets you view, edit,
has been discarded and the all    Mic preamps                                1               2                 6               arrange and print MIDI from
new Pro Tools Mbox family has     Inserts                                   No              No                 4               your session as music notation.
been introduced. This marks the   Instrument DI’s                            1               2
3rd Generation of these most      Onboard DSP effects                       No              Yes                4 Whether you record, import,
popular audio interfaces.         Built-in guitar tuner                     No              Yes                2 draw (with the Pencil tool),
                                  48V phantom power                         Yes             Yes
There are 3 models in the fam-    Softclip limiter                          No               2                 Yes or Step Enter MIDI, the Score
ily – Mbox Mini, Mbox and         Maximum resolution                  24-bit/48kHz    24-bit/96kHz
Mbox Pro. All are well suited to  Assignable software control button        No              Yes                Yes Editor transcribes MIDI notes in
education, depending on your      Alternate source inputs                   No              No
program and facilities, but for   Mono monitor control                      No              Yes                      Yes       real-time. You can also show or
many the choice will be the       Dim monitor control                       No              Yes                        4       hide tracks in the score, view full
middle-of-the-range Mbox.                                                                                                      page layouts and export the score
                                                                                                               24-bit/192kHz   from your session as a Sibelius
                                                                                                                     Yes       (.sib) file. This then allows you to
                                                                                                                     Yes       open in Sibelius (V5 or later) and
                                                                                                                     Yes       work with the full scoring power

                                                                                                               Yes of Sibelius.

All the Ins and Outs              Mute monitor control                    No             No                      Yes           A few of the many other fea-
The Pro Tools Mbox features       Digital I/O                             No          S/PDIF                   S/PDIF          tures of Pro Tools LE 8 include:
4 channels of simultaneous        MIDI I/O ports                          No
recording… 2 analogue and         Wordclock I/O                           No             Yes                     Yes
2 digital and can also output     Stereo headphone outputs                 1             No
4 channels at once… again, 2      Footswitch input                        No              1                             Yes    • Over 70 effects and virtual
analogue and 2 digital.           Connection                           USB 1.1           No                              2     instruments
                                                                                      USB 2.0                                  • Full Elastic Time and Elastic
                                                                                                                        Yes    Pitch to easily adjust timing and
Designed and engineered by        Power source                             USB bus         USB bus                  FireWire   pitch on your tracks
the same team that developed      Software included                   Pro Tools LE 8  Pro Tools LE 8                Included   • Unique Beat Detective LE
                                                                                                               Pro Tools LE 8  automatic groove analysis and

the renowned Pro Tools HD                                                                                                      correction tool

systems, the all-new technology in this Mbox           gain control for accurate monitoring and there’s        • ReWire support for other software including
                                                       even a ‘Dim switch’ for reducing monitor level
is superior sounding to its predecessors. This is      in case you want to have a conversation without         Sibelius
                                                       stopping playback/recording. The ‘Softclip’ limiter
no more evident than in the new preamps and            feature lets you track hot input signals without        • Compatible with Mac OSX 10.6.x and Win-
                                                       clipping, resulting in a classic overdriven tape
converters. The Mbox houses 2 preamps which            saturation sound. And on-board DSP effects for cue      dows 7
                                                       mixing and reverb means that the processing power
can be accessed either through the 2 instrument        for this will be assumed by the Mbox, relieving the
                                                       strain on your computer.
level inputs on the front of the unit or via the rear                                                          Working together
                                                                                                               The release of the Pro Tools Mbox 3 series also
                                  MBox Mini                                                                    sees the inclusion of 3rd party drivers for many oth-
                                  MBox                                                                         er popular programs such as Logic, Ableton Live,
                                  MBox Pro                                                                     Sonar, Cubase and more. It is refreshing to note this
                                                                                                               more open approach, and the fact that the Pro Tools
                                                       Pro Tools LE 8 software included                        Mbox series can be more easily integrated into a
                                                       One of the many advantages of choosing the Pro          variety of configurations certainly makes it even
                                                       Tools Mbox series is the inclusion of Pro Tools         more appealing in education.

                                                                         LE 8 software. Pro Tools has long                 For more sound advice
                                                                            been an industry standard audio                 contact Music EDnet
                                                                            recording and MIDI sequencing
                                                                            program and the preferred choice                   Ph 1300 723 700
                                                                           of professional studios and higher     
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