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Lighting design with Jands Vista                                                                          ü Secondary
                                                                                                          ü Tertiary
Amazing simplicity... Learning & working visually

                                                   editing tools, will be familiar to most: displaying a  both in the classroom and at home. Lighting con-
                                                   piece of music or video as a ‘clip’ moving across      cepts and techniques can be taught in the traditional
                                                   the screen over time. The Vista applies this concept   classroom and students can experiment before
                                                   to lighting, and the result is an entirely new ap-     realising their creations on the physical lighting rig.
                                                   proach to design and performance.
                                                                                                          Vista software plus the M1 Control
                                                   With the Vista you can actually preview everything     Surface... a great starting point.
                                                                                                          The most accessible, entry level controller for the
                                                   that’s hap-      pening in your design in              Vista is the M1… an ultra-compact and extremely
                                                                                                          cost-effective playback-only control surface. De-
                                                   relation to      time… when                            signed to be used with a laptop, the M1 delivers all
                                                                                                          the playback benefits of a Vista show in a compact
          Vista software                           Vista M1                        lights                 and portable package that’s perfect for the theatre,
(Windows or Mac OSX)                               Control Surface                come                    performance hall and concert stage.
                                                                              on, when
                                                                           they go off,                   With five playbacks including faders and flash but-
                                                                         when they                        tons, plus rotary master fader, the M1 is a complete
                                                                      change colour,                      and portable playback module. Split mode allows
                                                                    when they move.                       control of up to 15 clips and playbacks can be
                                                                                                          configured for control of Groups, Presets and more.

Professional lighting design for
Drama... without compromise,
within budget.

When internationally renowned band
             Crowded House played the Enmore
             Theatre earlier this year as part of
their world tour, they chose Jands Vista to en-
sure a spectacular light show. The great news is
that this same technology is available to schools
at a price that is affordable.

There are two aspects to lighting technology...    Vista in Education                                                                      There’s also a Grand
1) The software to design the show and 2) the      A most appealing                                                                        Master Rotary fader,
hardware to control it. The appeal of the Vista    feature is that the Vista                                                               DBO (Dead Blackout)
system is the ease with which you can be design-   is available as a soft-                                                                 button and 4 modifier
ing. Gone are the days of having to learn a com-   ware only application,                                                                  buttons. Compatible
plete programming language and then tediously      designed to run on a laptop or desktop computer                                         with Windows and Mac.
entering complex series of numbers. The Vista is   (Mac or PC) without demanding that a console be
fundamentally different from other systems in two  connected in order to be operational. This allows      The Vista and M1 console will be of great interest
major ways.                                        students to familiarise themselves with the software   to any school offering lighting design in Drama
                                                                                                          or VET entertainment modules. Notably, lighting
  Vista Software ... FREE to download                                                                     design is included as part of Drama learning in
    and runs on a PC or Mac laptop!
                                                                                                                          years 11 and 12 in the draft of the
Firstly, whether you are using the                                                                                        Shape of the Australian Curriculum:
flagship T4 Console (shown below) or                                                                                      The Arts, recently released by the
the FREE* Vista software on a laptop                                                                                      Australian Curriculum, Assessment
(shown above), everything you need                                                                                        and Reporting Authority (ACARA).
is on a single screen. Using a simple
point/click and drag/drop procedure                                                                                            For more information
you can select your lights (from                                                                                                      and advice
a HUGE range of brands/models
including generic, standard fittings),                                                                                         contact Music EDnet
assign them to DMX channels auto-                                                                                                  1300 723 700
matically, draw your physical layout
and draw sequences... all within a                                                                                  
WYSIWYG (what you see is what
you get) environment.                                                                                                           *The software is FREE and fully functional.
                                                                                                                                However, to control actual lighting it will require
Secondly, the implementation of the                                                                                             a USB dongle (cost depends on number of
timeline makes program planning                                                                                                 DMX channels) and either a USB to DMX cable
a breeze. The concept, long used                                                                                                or DMX Control surface (such as the M1). The
in computer-based audio and video                                                                                               software will operate without the USB dongle,
                                                                                                                                but will periodically black out.

                                     Vista T4 Lighting Console
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