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2 ACCENT Special Edition - November 2010

Collaborative learning                                                                                              Shure Mic
                                                                                                                Counterfeit Alert
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                                                                                                                      Can you pick it?
to interactive discussion forums and other resources       simple, but practical pointers to get the sound
on a wide range of topics and much more... and in          you want.
a closed, professional environment. If you have          • How to successfully plan for your new or
already registered on our current website, or you          upgraded music technology facilities. An
are receiving our monthly EDnote email news, then          informative session for all music teachers and
you will hear about it as soon as we go live. If not,      invaluable for faculty heads/directors of music.
then register on the current site now or send us an      • Choosing the right software and music and
email with your name and school details.                   audio hardware ... And how to make sure
                                                           that everything “just works!” A comprehen-
MTEC 2011                                                  sive guide to music software... and how to best
Music EDnet will be there and we will be present-          connect them to your curriculum needs. Also
ing 4 different sessions...                                we look at the pros and cons of various hard-
                                                           ware options and how to correctly configure
   • Quick and simple video and audio record-              them to your software.
     ing as a teaching tool - Bring your laptop.
     A practical session on spontaneous recording.         Join the Music Education Network
     25 participants will be issued with a pocket                and Collaborate in 2011
     camcorder to use throughout the entire con-                      Ph 1300 723 700
   • Live sound technology - how to sound great
     in 90 minutes. This workshop will take you
     from the “in” to the “out” of PA with some

                                                          PD Session

                                                          at MTEC09

MTEC 2011 ... it’s on again!                                                                                    Just like the mainstream industries of cloth-
Super Early Bird closes 26 Nov 2010                                                                             ing, footwear and watches, in the music
If you attended the MTEC 2009 conference back                                                                   industry the counterfeiters copy the most
    in Jan 2009 in Melbourne you will know what a        a well recognised face on Australian television.       popular brands and products. Shure micro-
    great success it was. And MTEC 2011 promises         John is also the ambassador for Music. Count Us        phones are one of those targeted brands and
to be another great event... this time in Sydney at      In, an initiative of the Australian Music Council, to  after a few relatively quiet years we have seen
MLC School, Burwood, April 11-13.                        encourage music education in schools, and he hosts     a recent spike in counterfeit Shure mics.
                                                         the annual School Spectacular on ABC television.       The most common way of discovering that
Keynote Speakers                                         In addition, John Foreman is the patron of Sound-      you have purchased a counterfeit mic is when
                    David Price OBE (UK) - Interna-      house® Music Alliance                                  you send the offending mic to the Jands
                    tional Project Leader, Musical                                                              Service Department for repair the audio
                    Futures                                                  James Frankel (USA) - President    sounded inferior or “strange”. Unfortunately
                                                                             of ATMI and Managing Director      there is not a lot that can be done to rectify
                    David Price is a musician, educator                      of SoundTree                       the problem at this point, and the fake mics
                    and education consultant. He was                                                            must simply be replaced with the genuine
                    the director of learning for seven                       James Frankel is an experienced    product.
                    years for Sir Paul MCartney’s                            music educator and music technol-  The best way to minimise the risk of buying
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and is a                             ogy clinician. He has published    a fake is to buy from an Authorised Austral-
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. David is the                            numerous articles about music      ian Reseller of Shure microphones, of which
international Project leader for Musical Futures.                            technology and its application in  Music EDnet is proudly one.
                                                         the classroom in state, national and international     It is true that the majority of fake Shure mics
                    John Foreman (AUS) - Musical         journals of music education and recently authored      are sold on the internet and it is often the
                    Director and Television Person-      “The Teachers Guide to Music, Media & Copyright        prices that can be found online that attracts
                    ality                                Law”, and “YouTube in Music Education” (co-            most people. However, even if you can physi-
                                                         authored with Tom Rudolph).                            cally inspect the mics prior to purchasing
                                                                                                                it can be almost impossible to distinguish
John Foreman is a musical direc-                         Early Bird closes 25 Feb 2011                          the real mics from the fake, as shown in the
tor, pianist and composer, plus is                                                                              picture above.
                                                                                                                So, to be sure – pardon the pun! – purchas-
                                                                                                                ing your Shure mics from Music EDnet will
                                                                                                                guarantee that you get what you pay for.
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