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Getting the most out of your JamHub                                                                                     ü Primary
                                                                                                                        ü Secondary
More students, more music opportunities                                                                                 ü Tertiary

                                                       or in any combination... right up to a full 6        Roland HD1  best suit the music genre
                                                       or 7 piece band. While working indepen-                          and playing style. Of
                                                       dently however, you also have the ability to                     course these units can
                                                       give students access to a backing track... or                    also be used for live per-
                                                       you can record any individual or combi-                          formances and recording.
                                                       nation of students. A great way to record
The JamHub system is proving to be one of              progress over time and store in student                          Electronic drum kit
        the most useful components ever introduced     portfolios... or a host of other uses, includ-                   An essential instrument
        for music education. It is quite literally     ing benchmarking and referencing student                         for the drummers, also
transforming the way that students can learn and re-   outcomes. Recordings can be made directly                        connects directly to the
hearse together in a contemporary music program...     to computer (via USB from the GreenRoom                          JamHub, but again offers
with complete control over classroom sound levels      or TourBus) or, more conveniently, to an SD                      a wide range of differ-
and the mix that each student (and teacher) wants      memory card (TourBus only).                                      ent kits and tunings for
to hear.                                                                                                                students to experience.
                                                       Guitar and Bass amps and                                         The Roland HD1 is a
Electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, electronic  effects                                                          recommended model and
drums and vocal mics are ideally suited to the Jam-    Students can plug in an electric guitar or                       you can certainly have
Hub and this has also opened up more opportuni-        bass guitar directly, however with guitars in                    more than one kit... great
ties for teaching these instruments in groups. But it  particular it is preferable (and far more en-                    for teaching drums in
is also a great way for rock bands, rhythm sections    gaging) if students can achieve a sound that                     groups!
or vocal groups to learn, rehearse and record their    you would expect through a guitar amp and effects.
music (the TourBus model shown includes                You can do this by connecting guitars (and           Vocal variations
onboard digital recording to SD card).                 a bass) through an ap-                                 Every student has connections for headphones,
                                                       propriate effects                                            an instrument and a microphone. Vocalists
In fact the JamHub is having a big                     unit that                                                        have all the same capabilities to sing
impact in establishing Musical                                                                                           solo, work together on harmonies or
Futures in Australian schools... as                                                                                        sing with the band. But the sound they
demonstrated at the Educators’ Day of                                                                                       hear through the JamHub also helps
the Australian Music Association Confer-                                                                                    them to master mic technique and im-
ence (AMAC) in Melbourne on Oct 1.                                                                                          rove their listening skills for balance
                                                                                                                            and pitch and phrasing.
Each student has his or her own
sound space                                                                                                              Other instruments
Since each student is supplied with head-                                                                                Any electronic keyboard will connnect
phones they have total control of what                                                                                 to the JamHub as you would expect. But
they hear... including themselves                                                                                   there are many other instruments that you
or any combination of other                                                                                      may wish to add... including acoustic guitars
students and/or teacher.                                                                                    (with pickups) or “silent” brass, wind and string
For students, this allows
individual practice, in to-                            includes a  range of guitar                          The Future
tal silence, or together with                                                                               The more you become accustomed to a JamHub
one or more other students.                            or bass amp and speaker modelling and a host of      system the more possibilities you discover to
The teacher can use the same                                                                                engage students in both learning and making music.
system to individually monitor                         useful effects. For this we highly recommend         Some schools are now adding multiple JamHub
what each student is playing.                                                                               systems... sometimes in the same room! Certainly
                                                       a BOSS ME25 for the guitar and a BOSS                 very popular with other teachers also when they
 Group instrumental teaching
      a very practical option                          ME20B for the bass. These units are both                happen to have a class next to the music room.

                                                                   very affordable and have the advantage         For more information or
                                                                                                                  advice on establishing
                                                                   of exposing students to the differences         a JamHub system call

                                                                   between amps and speaker                           Music EDnet on
                                                                                                                       1300 723 700
                                                                   configurations that

With the recommended GreenRoom or                                                            BOSS ME20B
TourBus models you can have up to 7 students
connected to the system (or 6 plus teacher) and
you can have students working independently BOSS ME25

Try out a JamHub system in your school

If you would like to try a JamHub system in your school, with your students, then give Music EDnet a call. We have a limited number of systems,
including a Roland drum kit and BOSS guitar and bass effects, that we are making available for teachers & students to experience. No obligation,
but conditions do apply. Call 1300 723 700 or email .
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