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10 ACCENT Special Edition - November 2010

Line 6 POD Studio KB37 Controller                                                                                   ü Secondary

USB powered with audio, amp modelling and more ü Tertiary

The Line 6 KB37 is a versatile                                                                                                browser displays every guitarist’s dream
        all-in-one audio interface, 37 note                                                                                   collection of amps and effects. Creating
        controller keyboard with on-board                                                                                     classic tones or imaginative hybrids is
amp modelling, that when coupled with
a laptop is a perfect portable studio solu-                                                                                     incredibly fast and easy.
                                                                                                                                 The KB37 is an excellent choice for a
Comprehensive I/O                                                                                                                stand-alone DAW, particularly if port-
The KB37’s comprehensive analogue and                                                                                           ability is desired. It provides all the con-
digital I/O features a ¼ inch instrument                                                                                        nectivity expected in a portable device
input with -10dB pad input for instru-                                                                                          and delivers a great sound.
ments with high gain output, two bal-
anced XLR inputs with high-quality mic                                                                              VU meters, transport & level controls
preamps with +48V phantom power and
trim knobs, an S/PDIF digital output and ¼ inch      The KB37 is compatible with both Windows                       More details from Music EDnet
analogue outputs.                                    and Mac and includes rock solid ASIO, WDM                               Ph 1300 723 700
                                                     and Mac OSX drivers. The powerful interface
All under control                                    is USB bus-powered, so is free of cumbersome                    Email:
For additional control there are two ¼” footswitch   power-packs and this is always an advantage in
jacks that are software-assignable for sending       the school environment.
MIDI command to recording software to trigger
start/stop, punch in/out etc. The 1/4 “ expression   POD Farm 2
pedal jack can also be software-assigned to control  Students studying sound design and other
effects, volume and other MIDI parameters.           recording techniques will find the included POD
                                                     Farm 2 amp modelling software invaluable
There are various other assignable controls includ-  when it comes to recording guitarists. It includes
ing modulation wheel, sound select next/previ-       18 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabinets, 5 bass amps and
ous, five transport buttons for controlling record,  cabinets, 29 stomp box and studio effects and 6 mic
playback etc, four buttons and four knobs.           preamps. Just drag and drop models into the signal
                                                     flow, pre or post amplifier. The carousel-style gear

KORG SR1 Portable Audio Recorder                                                                                    ü Primary
                                                                                                                    ü Secondary
Unique multi-tracking & musical capabilities                                                                        ü Tertiary

With the myriad of hand-held                                        compliant, meaning they contain tim-            On-board Effects & Rhythms
             audio recording devices                                ing information which result in them            Powered by Korg’s proprietary “REMS” modelling
             available these days it can                            aligning correctly in sequence and in           technology, the SR1 provides 100 types of effects,
prove difficult to be unique. Korg                                  time.                                           including effects for electric guitar (such as amp
have achieved this in the form of                                                                                   modelling), acoustic guitar, vocals, or any instru-
the SR1, developing a recorder that                                Unlimited Undo/Redo*                             ment. The effect can be applied as you record, or
is extremely useful for spontaneous                                 The SR1 allows an unlimited number              added to a previously recorded track. In the Master
recording, particularly for guitarists.                             of undo/redo operations. This is great          position, the effect can be applied to the entire
                                                                    when recording alternate takes of               song. The effects are divided into Guitar, Mic,
Sound on Sound                                                      a guitar solo or for students when              Master and Touch. This last category allows effects
The SR1 Sound on Sound is a handy-                                  trialling different styles and versions         to be controlled in real time, using the touchscreen
sized multi-track recorder that lets                                of riffs and phrases etc. And so you            display.
you play back any song that you’ve                                  won’t inadvertently lose any recording
recorded, while continuing to overdub                               you can set the SR1 to keep all of the          The rhythm function is convenient when recording
more tracks. You can continue to                                    “undone” recordings.                            your phrases and ideas. It can be used as a tempo
overdub as many times as you like,                                                                                  guide or to create a rhythm backing. Fifty rhythms
without having to worry about running                              Loop and Sound Stretch                           (each with four variations) cover a broad range of
out of tracks... important if you’re                                The A/B Loop and Sound Stretch                  styles. Simply choose a pattern and set the tempo.
trying to record the perfect take of a                              functions are great features for facili-        The touch screen allows you to select one of four
complex musical idea.                                tating quality practice. A/B Loops allows continu-             variations to change the complexity of the pattern.
                                                     ous repetition of a defined section of audio – you
Then SR1 saves each of the overdubs separately,      can even record while this audio is looping – while            Add to this a digital tuner, internal monitor speaker
with each track file saved as an individual WAV      the Sound Stretch feature allows you to change the             and Korg Audio Utility software (downloadable)
file. This allows each overdub to be loaded as an    playback speed without affecting the pitch. This is            and you have an excellent hand-held recorder that
individual track into almost any DAW (digital        ideal for perfecting difficult riffs and phrases. And          will be of great use to any music department.
audio workstation) software program such as Pro      Sound Stretch can also be used during recording so
Tools, Cubase, Sonar etc. The individual files are   that you can record at a slow speed and then return            *Whilst the undo/redo feature is unlimited, it will be limited by the
BWF (Broadcast Wave                                                                                                 capacity of the installed microSD/SDHC card.
File)                                                                                   playback to normal
                                                                                                            speed.         More details from Music EDnet
                                                                                                                                    Ph 1300 723 700

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