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                Creative                                                         MLC School, Sydney 11 - 13 April 2011
                logic... or
                logical                              Dr Tom Rudolph
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                                                     MTEC 2009
Dear Educator,

You only have to see Sir Ken Robinson in action
to get a clear impression that our education
system needs a paradigm shift... to coin a trendy
phrase. But how do you change a system that
is entrenched in 200 years of public education
history? ... very slowly!

But change it must, and I believe that the
arts and the explosion of information and
communications technology (ICT) will and
should be major influential drivers of this

Educational leaders and decision makers are          Collaborative Learning
constantly referring to terms such as “engaging”,    PD is only the beginning
“inclusive”, “collaborative” and “multiple
literacies”... and at the same time we hear          Almost every day that we are out visiting
terms like “vocational”, “academic” and “non-                  schools around the country we get asked
academic”. Keeping students “engaged” to                       time and time again... “Where can we go
produce oustanding “academic” results is still       to learn more about this?” ... “Where can I see how
a fundamental goal of many... but it is getting      this is used in class?”… “What are other schools
much harder to achieve and students are (quite       using for such & such?” ... “Are there any courses I
rightly) seeking something more.                     can do?” …and so on.

I am certainly not suggesting that academic          If you have been reading your issues of ACCENT         visit each term. Whenever possible we try to visit
goals and standards should be discarded or           over the years you will know that we get a real buzz   several schools in close proximity, but this can be
lowered... but, as Sir Ken points out, students      seeing what various schools are doing... and are       more difficult in country and regional areas.
are being educated in a way that tends to narrow     always motivated by teachers exploring new ideas,
their development and at the expense of their        trying different approaches, different teaching        Increasingly however, we find ourselves meeting
considerable creative skills. This is reinforced by  styles and challenging the thinking of the past. Yes,  with larger groups of teachers who decide to come
a longitudinal study published in a book called      we also have our not-so-exciting experiences, but      together at a host school... sharing perspectives,
Breakpoint & Beyond: Mastering the Future            they are very few... and it makes us appreciate the    ideas and participating in some training. This is
Today by George Land and Beth Jarman. The            diversity even more. But most of our time is spent     particularly convenient for teachers in regional
study tested Divergent Thinking (an essential        working with teachers and IT staff with the plan-      areas and such sessions add vitality and inspiration
capacity for creativity) and involved 1500 young     ning and implementation of technology, answering       to professional learning.
children over 10 years. These children were all      questions and providing specific training.
tested while at preschool, then again 5 years                                                               If you would like to host a PD session with Music
and 10 years later. The amazing results showed            An invitation to collaborate with                 EDnet in your school, please contact us. We are
98% scored “genius” level at pre-school. Five            your colleagues and Music EDnet                    open to requests from anywhere in Australia and
years later the result was 32% and just 10% after                                                           can tailor sessions to meet the specific needs and
another 5 years (then aged 13-15). Interestingly     When asked those frequent questions we are often       interests of participants. This can include hands-on
they conducted the same test on 200,000 adults       able to provide some instant answers or advice...      workshops, presentations or planning discussions
(aged 25+) as a control group... and only 2%         such as sorting out some specific software or tech-    and cover a wide range of technology related topics
were at “genius” level!                              nology, referring to the various PD sessions that we   and curricula.
                                                     are aware of, sharing our knowledge of what other
Through the arts and the evolution of ICT,           schools are doing or providing the contact details of            But wait, there’s more...
including mobile devices, web 2.0, video etc         other teachers with whom they can network. There
there is no shortage of opportunities to engage      are of course limits to how many schools we can        In addition to school visits, you will be able to
students more creatively. Logical really.                                                                   participate in collaborative learning with colleagues
                                                                                                            and Music EDnet in many ways in 2011.
Enjoy.                Music EDnet
                         is here                                                                            New Website
Keith Huxtable                                                                                              A long time in development, but it will finally be
Managing Director                                                                                           launched in early 2011. The new website will allow                                                                                        educators to join a Music EDnet Professional
                                                                                                            Learning Community. This will mean 24/7 access

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