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Technology update

 PreSonus Faderport 8

 Control Surface for any DAW:
 Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase & more

         PreSonus Studio One V3.5           school computers (on a network).   Single academic, multi-seat and unlimit-
         PreSonus Studio One software is fast be-  Studio One lets you use Pro Tools,   ed site licenses now available.
         coming a major player amongst record-  Cubase, or Logic key commands,   Unlimited site licenses:
         ing industry professionals. Both the Pro   as well as Studio One and user-
         and Artist versions are also growing in   created key commands.       Studio One Artist ...........$962 +GST
         popularity with music educators. There                                Studio One Pro ............ $3850 +GST
         is a free version available called Prime   Studio One Pro supports the highest lev-
         ... a basic version limited to 2 channel   el of audio production with 41 native ef-  Contact Music EDnet for more
         hardware for  recording/playback, but   fects, the superb Melodyne Essentials 4   details and other licenses
         still an excellent introduction for younger   time and pitch correction, 5 virtual instru-  1300 723 700
         students. Be aware however that licens-  ments and support for third party sample
         ing makes the free version unsuitable for   libraries.            

         Planning beyond next year          your way. You now have a clear mission   look at funding options, budgets and
         ...continued from page 3           to realise your vision and you will begin   other initial constraints. All this will de-
                                            to infect others with your enthusiasm.   termine the priorities and time line to im-
                                            Believe me, it rubs off on colleagues and   plement your plans. It may take several
                                            your students.                     years to complete, but it will get there.
                                                                               And this is a far better outcome than the
                                            Next, you take stock of where you are   drudgery of compromise in our earlier
                                            now and detail all that is required to   scenario.
                                            reach your goal. This will include a de-
                                            tailed list of software, hardware (includ-  Do you ever really
                                            ing computers and network/power needs     achieve your vision?
 and of course PreSonus Studio One. In   ses. Of course for students this will help   etc.), furniture and everything else, such
 fact it comes bundled with Studio One   build their understanding as they become   as staffing/training, and space (class-  If planned well you will almost certainly
 he new Faderport 8 from PreSonus   Artist version (see opposite) which will   familiar with the workflow.  room, performance area/studio etc.). It   achieve your goals. But in reality your vi-
 is just the thing to add to your multi-  meet the needs of most senior second-  may well add up to a small fortune, but   sion should be part of your annul plan-
 Tchannel Digital Audio Workstation ...   ary curricula, including VET Cert III Tech   While many of the controls are optimised   don’t be put off. If your vision was based   ning process, evolving on a continuous
 for Studio One software, they can be eas-
 and with it the opportunity for students   Production.  ily customised for other DAWs.  on the criteria mentioned earlier it is jus-  3-5 year cycle. Change is a given and
 to experience the practical advantages of   The 8 motorised faders can page through   tifiably appropriate.  technology in particular sets a brisk pace
 working with real faders and controls in-  any number of tracks and the back-lit   The Faderport 8 connects to a Mac or PC   for change. You just need to keep in-
 stead of a mouse and QWERTY keyboard.  via USB and requires no driver installa-  From here it is a matter of gaining sup-  formed of trends and best practice ... not
 scribble strip across the top displays   tion as it is class compliant.  port for your vision and this will require
 A well designed control surface, as is the   track name and number, pan position   an existing department/facility then the   leadership and, importantly, an ability to   that hard to do and it can be incredibly
 Faderport 8, is also a great tool to assist   and a graphical representation of any se-  Highly recommended for the   timing is not so critical. It is more about   deal with micro-politics in your school.   motivating.
 students in understanding signal flow,   lected parameter ... great when adjusting   studio Control Room.  stepping back, looking at curriculum ob-  You need to gain the support of school   Ready to plan beyond
 manage multiple channels and/or pa-  plug-ins or other track settings.  jectives, class sizes (all year levels) and   leaders, colleagues and maybe the gov-
 rameters at a time and making automa-  Getting around is quite straight forward   Available now .................$720 +GST   establishing, in the first instance, a vision   erning council or board, but it can be   the next budget?
 tion a breeze.  for your department ... ignoring budgets,
 for anyone familiar with live sound mixing   space, timetables, staffing or any other   done and it is well worth the effort. And
 The Faderport 8 will work with virtually   in terms of work flow with convenient but-  Contact Music EDnet   constraints.  realising that this is all part of an ongoing   Contact Music EDnet
 any current DAW software ... including   tons that quickly switch the faders across   1300 723 700   and dynamic process is key.  1300 723 700
 Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Ableton ...   tracks, aux sends, VCAs and master bus-  Once you have a vision you are well on   Once this is done you can then start to

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