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Music EDnet update

                                                                                                                                 Budget time - an opportunity to plan beyond next year

                                                                                                                                 Look back and reflect, so you can move forward

                                                                                                                                                                   paring plans that can and do ensure suc-
                                                                                                                                                                   cess. It is quite amazing what a pair of
                                                                                                                                                                   fresh eyes and asking a few questions
                                                                                                                                                                   can uncover. There is no doubt that you
                                                                                                                                                                   would know your department and how it
                                                                                                                                                                   works better than anyone else, but it is
                                                                                                                                                                   also true that working “in” it every day
                                                                               nutshell, it is the “how” of teaching chil-                                         is very different to working “on” it. This
                                                                               dren … whereas curriculum is the “what”.                                            is the perspective we encourage and for
                                                                                                                                                                   you to take some time away from the day-
                                                                               Andragogy, on the other hand, is the art                                            to-day. Add to this the expertise and per-
                                            Dear Educator,                     and science of teaching adults … still the        Warrick Dowdy                     spective that Music EDnet brings to bear
                                                                               “how”, but it is quite different, as is the       Manager - Customer Services
                                            Pedagogy, Andragogy and Professional   “what”. The term Andragogy was original-            and the outline of your plan quickly be-
                                            Learning.                          ly coined by German educator, Alexander                                             gins to take shape.
          Integrating Technology                                                                                                     bout this time each year Music
                                            The practice of teaching is something   Kapp, in 1833 but it was American edu-           EDnet receives many calls and   Working with hundreds of schools, deal-  Looking ahead
          Moving from Enhancement to        that has interested me for many years,   cator, Malcolm Knowles who made use of      Aemails relating to budgets. Some   ing with different curricula and witness-
          Transformation                    although I am not a professional teacher.   the term in 1967 to explain his theory of   are about using up what’s left in this   ing best practice, innovative ideas and   An invaluable insight into the impact
          Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura           Yet most of my professional life has in-  adult education. It is built on 4 principles:  year’s bucket, but the bulk of enquiries   engaged students is stimulating to say   of technology in education over the
                                                                                                                                                                                                        next 1-5 years.
                                            volved teaching. Early in my career, like   1.  Adults need to be involved in the    are about gathering information for the   the least. But seeing the opposite end of
                                            many people, I was expected to teach   planning and evaluation of their in-          budget for the year ahead. If you are for-  the spectrum and the lack of leadership
           Substitution                     other adults about things I was suppos-  struction.                                  tunate enough to have a department that   in some schools can be frustratingly sad.  2017 Horizon Report:
                                            edly knowledgeable about … the technical                                             is well equipped and humming along this                                     The K-12 edition
           Technology acts as a direct tool   side of electronic musical instruments,   2.  Experience (including mistakes) pro-  is usually a straight forward process. In   So... back to the planning.
           substitute, with no functional   hifi equipment and professional sound re-  vides the basis for learning activities.  this case, when it comes to technology, it   While Music EDnet specifically focuses   Published by the New Media
           change.                          inforcement systems for Yamaha. It was   3.  Adults are most interested in learn-    may include software updates, replacing   on technology ... basically anything involv-  Consortium.
                                            a great experience and I know that the   ing subjects that have immediate rel-       some older items and adding some new   ing ICT, classroom technology, music, au-  Short-Term Trends: Driving edtech
           Augmentation                     learning was very much in both directions.  evance to their job or personal life.    things that will enhance student learn-  dio, video, media, lighting and electric/  adoption in K-12 education for the
           Technology acts as a direct tool   Of course, teaching adults is different                                            ing and engagement... such as expanding   electronic instruments and amplification   next one to two years
           substitute, with functional im-  to teaching children. Teaching adults   4.  Adult learning is problem-centred        your BYOD resources.              ... our planning formula is equally effec-  ►   Coding as a Literacy
           provement.                       seemed somewhat natural … something    rather than content-oriented.                 More likely however, you are faced with   tive if applied to your instrumental/band
                                                                                                                                                                   program and acoustic instruments and
                                            I assumed was to do with adult learners   This explains a lot about what motivates   the ongoing challenge of wanting far                                   ►   Rise of STEAM Learning
           Modification                                                                                                                                            related infrastructure.
                                            being self-motivated to learn and gener-  adults to learn and what they expect to    more than you know you will get, trying                                 Download the preview or full version
           Technology allows for a signifi-  ally wanting to be there.         get from it … and quickly! We want to             to balance repairs and maintenance with   If you are building a new program and   (published August 2017)
           cant task redesign.                                                 learn it now and use it tomorrow.                 a desire to upgrade and/or establish the   have major capital works on the agen-
                                            As it happens, I was only partly correct                                                                               da (e.g. new performing arts facilities,
                                            as adults do not always want to attend   Pedagogy is much longer term and, while     facilities you really need.
           Redefinition                                                                                                                                            school building program) the earlier we
                                            Professional Learning (or Professional   supposedly child-centred, is guided by      So how do you break this nexus and get   get involved the better. We are able to   sign flaws. It is far too common for us to
           Technology allows for the crea-  Development as it is sometimes referred   the teacher. It is the teacher who is ex-  your department on a progressive track   advise on architectural plans, classroom   see finished facilities that have consider-
           tion of new tasks, previously in-  to). In fact, PD has been described as   pected to facilitate what students learn,   for the future?                 ergonomics that maximise efficiency and   able shortcomings... and too late or ex-
           conceivable                      “something you have done to you” where-  and when, based on long term objectives                                       we can work with your architect and en-  pensive to fix.
                                            as PL is something you choose to partici-  (curriculum outcomes). But today even     It’s all about having the right plan!  gineers before designs are finalised. All
                                            pate in.                           young students can easily learn about al-         At Music EDnet we work with teachers   this can amount to considerable cost sav-  If you are wanting to prepare a plan for
                                                                               most anything that interests them mak-
                                            Teachers are no different when it comes   ing it a real challenge to “teach” children   across Australia and New Zealand pre-  ings and/or the avoidance of major de-      ...continued on page 5
                                            to their own learning and we see this re-  the “what” defined by the curriculum …
                                            flected in the feedback from our DAYTiME   particularly when they may not appreciate
                                            conferences. While it is great to see   the “why”.
                                            the overwhelming support for DAYTiME
                                            (around 90% rate the educational value   As pedagogies and technologies are
                                            as high or very high), there are always   evolving I have noticed some of the prin-
                                            some who have different perceptions. And   ciples of adult learning being used by
                                            frankly, it is these responses that contrib-  teachers to better motivate young stu-
                                            ute most to our own learning … even if we   dents to learn what they need to know
                                            cannot meet the expectations of every-  today. Making the “what” interesting and
                                            one.                               engaging student learning beyond the
                                                                               classroom with appropriate technologies
                                            However you label it, life-long learning is   are becoming hallmarks of today’s best
          is published by                   essential for progress. But are the percep-
          Music Education Network Pty Ltd   tions of adult learners all that different to   practising teachers.
          PO Box 1013                       children as learners?              Enjoy!
          Blackwood SA 5051                 Pedagogy is defined as the art and sci-  Keith Huxtable
          T: 1300 723 700                   ence of teaching children and most teach-  Managing Director                          Music EDnet Creation Stations
          F: 08 8270 1366                   ers are well versed in its relevance. In a

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