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Support & Training

                               EDnet TV Video Tutorials

                               with David Dowling

                                            in these tools to get started with
                                            them as quickly as possible, and
                                            to ensure they begin to under-
                                            stand the true power of automa-
                                            tion, connectivity and communi-
                                            cation they offer.
                                            You see, much like the ingenious
                                            automated reporting & marking
                                            and easy yet powerful syllabus
          David Dowling                     creation tools offered by Rising
          Support & Training Coordinator    Software’s Auralia & Musition
              software, which for some time
                                            now has offered cloud hosting for
               ave here, to take you through the   its database, such applications
               latest cinematic additions to our   are as much about helping the
          Dfast growing EDnet TV channel    teacher as they are about provid-
          on Vimeo, many of which are also to be   ing an engaging and fun learn-
          found on the Video Tutorials page of our   ing experience for students.  The
          website (under the Support menu).  MusicFirst Online Classroom
                                            provides integrated automat-
          To begin in chronological order, since
          joining Music EDnet in the middle of   ic markbook updating (now re-
          2016, my focus has shifted to the   ferred to as the gradebook) with
          clouds…not all of them, just the big   many of its applications, along
          digital one where you’ll find web-based   with many pre-prepared lesson
          wonders like the MusicFirst Online   resources on a variety of music                                                   Music EDnet TV production
          Classroom (MFOC) learning management   and music technology subjects.                                                  An insight into our live production, recording and streaming
          system, NoteFlight for browser based   Understanding how these fea-
          score-writing, and Soundation for audio   tures work and where to access
          and MIDI recording and sequencing – all   them allows you to reduce your                                                 n 2016 Music EDnet introduced EDnet   The PA system includes a small digital   ter  (with any necessary adaptors) to the
          with no requirement for software instal-  marking and lesson planning                                                    TV specifically aimed at developing a   audio mixer, powered speaker system   event projector and to the video produc-
          lation!                           workload significantly.                                                              Irange of useful resources for music   and wireless mics for the presenter(s) for   tion mixer via Cat6. The live output (video
                                                                                                                                 education. Beyond making short tuto-
                                                                                                                                                                   both the PA and video recording. The au-
                                                                                                                                                                                                      & audio) from the video mixer is sent to
          It is now entirely possible for such sophis-  To accompany this on the primary                                         rials, we also wanted to capture some   dio from the presenter’s laptop/iPad and    an HD video recorder (using SSDs) as
          ticated things to be hosted in the cloud   school side is the new release of                                           of the great keynotes and sessions at   other gear is split (via 2 x DI boxes) to the   well as a laptop that captures in MP4 and
          and as a result, the technology required   MusicFirst Junior.  Like it’s big                                           DAYTiME conferences (and other events)   PA mixer and the video production mixer.  also encodes the video to send to a lives-
          for your music and music-tech programs   brother, the MFOC, MusicFirst                                                 and make them more widely available.                                 tream server on the web (and live on the
          is more accessible than ever for you and   Junior is also a learning man-                                                                                Live sound is mixed on a laptop (and/or   Music EDnet website).
          your students.                    agement system offering similar                                                      EDnet TV is also a model for educa-  iPad) via a local network that is connect-
                                            markbook and software integra-                                                       tors wishing to create in-house video re-  ed to the digital audio mixer.  All EDnet TV audio and video gear
          Like all new technologies and applica-  tion automation, but with a very                                               sources at school, especially to support                               is available from Music EDnet
          tions, there’s a little you need to un-  specific focus on primary level   music keyboards are conveniently acces-     flipped/blended classroom strategies.  Live video is captured via two profession-
          derstand before you can harness the   music education.               sible via a slide-out tray under the desk,                                          al camcorders connected to the video         1300 723 700
          real power of what they have to offer.  It                           and are positioned at the correct playing         The diagram above shows our live video   production mixer. Video from the present-
          is with this in mind that I’ve been on   Closely aligned and integrated with this   height.  All that annoying cabling associ-  and audio production at DAYTiME events.  er’s laptop/iPad is split via a VGA split-
          a quest to simplify and localise some   (it is an option in MFOC also, but is in   ated with computer music workstations
          video-based tutorial materials that are   MusicFirst Junior by default) is the re-  is neatly managed and secure in a cable
          direct, moderately paced and informa-  emergence of the popular composition   rack under the desk. You can check out
          tive, to help teachers who are interested   software for younger students known as
                                            Groovy Music.  MusicFirst Junior is sim-  the video that shows how easy these are
                                            ple to use, especially from the student   to assemble, so you can consider them                                                                     Session recordings now available
                                            perspective, and we’ve localised the in-  for your next computer music lab or inde-
                                            troduction video so you can find out what   pendent workstation installation.
                                            it’s all about on our Video Tutorials page   That’s all for the moment, but keep an                                                                 Most of the DAYTiME 2017 sessions that were recorded over
                                                                                                                                                                                                the series are now available on the Music EDnet website. We
                                            anytime.                           eye on the EDnet TV space as there’s                                                                             are also adding sessions recording from the DAYTiME 2016
                                            Finally, and back in the ‘physical’ world,   plenty more to come!                                                                                   serries and several are already available.
                                            we’ve also created a comprehensive in-  Contact David and the support                                                                                     To watch any of the recorded sessions go to
                                            structional video for the assembly of                                                                                                         
                                            our Creation Station computer music      team at Music EDnet
                                            desks.  Music EDnet Furniture is de-                                                                                       Note that you must be registered on our website to access
                                                                                                                                                                                                this page ... and membership is FREE for educators.
                                            signed by Music EDnet and manufac-
                                            tured in Australia.  The classroom-fo-       1300 723 700                                                                                          An All Sessions Pass for DAYTiME 2017 series.
                                            cused Creation Stations ensure that                                                                                                                Only $44 with unlimited views for 3 months!

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