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Sibelius 6.2 ... “Check it out!”                                                                                ü Secondary
                                                                                                                ü Tertiary
More flexibility in managing multi-licenses

Recently, Avid Technology released a minor            available by one until it is either checked back in,      language, and that language only. Now, Sibelius 6.2
         update to Sibelius 6.2, available as a free  or it expires, at which point the licence is automati-    supports six different languages all from within the
         download for Sibelius 6 users. Whilst be-    cally returned to the pool of floating licences so that   same program – English, German, French, Spanish,
ing only a “point” update there are numerous new      it can be used on a different computer.                   Japanese and Italian. To change the language set-
features, one of which will be of great interest to                                                             ting simply got to File > Preferences > Languag-
schools... namely the ‘Check out license’ feature.    The licence administrator can specify how many            es and select from the drop-down menu.
                                                      floating licences are allocated for checking out and
The Sibelius Licence Server now allows the licence    the time limit for those licences, via the Licences       *To check out a license users must be logged into their computer
administrator to specify that staff and students can  page in the Licence Server Control Panel. Users*          with local administrator rights.
temporarily move network licences from the Li-        can then choose Help > Check Out Licence from
cence Server to their own machines so that they can   within their copy of Sibelius to check out a licence,       Contact Music EDnet for more details
run the software when not connected to the Licence    allowing them to disconnect their computer from                           Ph 1300 723 700
Server – most likely to a laptop which is taken off   the school network and continue to use Sibelius for
campus for working at home. These are known as        a limited time on their computers. Licences can be                Email:
check out licences, because the teacher or student    checked out for any period of time from a weekend
checks out the licence from the Licence Server,       to a whole year.                                           FREE upgrade to
which reduces the number of floating licences                                                                    Sibelius V6.2
                                                                           Should a computer containing a
                                                                           checked out licence get lost or        Registered users of Sibelius V6 (schools and
                                                                           stolen, or should you urgently         individuals) can upgrade to V6.2 by down-
                                                                           require the return of the checked      loading the update or full installer.
                                                                           out licence back to the pool of        Go to and
                                                                           floating licences, you can revoke      scroll down to Sibelius.
                                                                           a checked out licence before its
                                                                           allotted expiry time, which returns
                                                                           it to the pool immediately.

                                                      Another feature worth noting                              NEW V6.2 License Server
                                                      is that Sibelius 6.2 is now a                             for schools...
                                                      multi-lingual application. Until
                                                      now, in order to have a version of                        Email for down-
                                                      Sibelius in a particular language it                      load links.
                                                      was necessary to purchase in that

Hand-held recorders

continued from page 5...

                                                      Limiting and Compression                                  USB stereo mic or a USB audio interfaces. In this
                                                      Limiting and/or compression can be conveni-               mode they are no longer recorders, but instead act
                                                      ent when making quick recordings without fuss.            as either microphones or line inputs to a computer
                                                      Basically this prevents overload or distortion on         that is running audio recording software... includ-
                                                      loud peaks... so if recording the rock band in the        ing multi-track recording software. This can be
                                                      band room and you want simplicity, you choose a           a great additional recording capability for laying
                                                      recorder that has a limiter and pre-set/automatic         down multiple tracks or doing vocals over backing
                                                      level switches.                                           tracks or voice-overs to a video and so on. Use
                                                                                                                the recorder in the field to record performances,
achieve a surround sound recording. The H4n also      Digital Effects                                           interviews, ambience etc and then come back to the
allows 4 channel recording when used with external    Effects can be as simple as adding some reverb or         computer to complete the project in a multi-track or
mics or line inputs together with the built-in mics.  echo to an otherwise dry recording environment            video compositing program.
                                                      and is a common feature, even on lower cost re-
Pre-Recording                                         corders. More advanced effects are usually tailored       Multi-Track overdubbing
A feature on some recorders, the pre-record capa-     toward musicians who want more than just a good           A unique feature of the Korg SR-1 is the ability
bility actually records 2-3 seconds (depending on     basic recording. These can include quite sophisti-        to overdub sound-on-sound. But not what you
model) of audio BEFORE you press the RECORD           cated effects such as mic and amplifier modelling.        probably think. Each overdub is actually stored as a
button. This is achieved by continuously recording                                                              total separate file, which means you can drag each
a short loop and as soon as you press RECORD,         Wireless Remote Control                                   one onto a computer and insert into separate tracks
the last loop is also captured. Can be useful for     A few recorders come with a wireless remote               in a recording/sequencing program. Multi-tracks
spontaneous recording.                                control allowing recording AND playback remotely          are automatically in sync. A great feature.
                                                      and, on some models, additional functions (such as
                                                      looping). This is particularly convenient in a band         For more sound advice and to discuss
                                                      room or when the recorder is not within reach (or         your specific needs in a portable recorder
                                                      you want hands-free operation).
                                                      USB Audio Interface                                                          Music EDnet
                                                      A feature unique to the Zoom H2 and H4n record-                           Ph 1300 723 700
                                                      ers is the ability to use the recorder as either a           
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