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6 ACCENT Special Edition - August 2010

Pro Tools 8 M-Powered

Expanding your options from Lab to DAW

Setting up a dedicated recording station can be                   erally been limited to schools with a strong  recommend are the M-Audio Sono 61 (61 note) and
       a costly exercise... but it doesn’t have to be,            VET music program (or , in Tasmania,          KeyStudio 49i. (49 note) The beauty of these key-
       thanks to Pro Tools M-powered and Project-                 running Audio Design for TCE). In part        boards is that they feature a built-in audio interface
Mix I/O from AVID Technology.                                     this has been due to the fact that Pro Tools  with full PTMP compatibility. The audio interface
                                                                  software has always required dedicated        is a professional quality 2-channel system capable
Pro Tools is an audio/recording industry icon... the              audio hardware, which often proved to be      of 16bit 44.1kHz recording and playback. The very
system of choice amongst audio professionals in                   impractical and/or cost prohibitive. How-     low latency means no audible delay when playing
recording, film and television around the world.                  ever, while dedicated hardware remains a      soft synths via the computer.
It has also become the standard system used by                    requirement, the software and hardware
tertiary institutions delivering certificate, diploma,            options now available from AVID provide       Compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX,
degree and post graduate courses in Music and Au-                 some viable and highly recommended            the Sono 61 or KeyStudio 49i channels all your
dio Technology, Film, Television and Multimedia                   choices.                                      computer sounds through the superior quality on-
Industry and Music Industry Skills.                                                                             board USB audio interface and can be monitored
                                                                 Pro Tools M-Powered                            via powered speakers or headphones. And to make
At the secondary level however, Pro Tools has gen-                The modus operandi that makes all this        headphone monitoring even more convenient in a
                                                                  possible is Pro Tools M-Powered (PTMP)        lab environment there are two headphone sockets
                                                                  software. Importantly, PTMP is not some       located at the front of the keyboard.
                                                                  watered-down “lite” version of Pro Tools.
                                                        It is Pro Tools. There are actually three flavours      A unique feature is the range of available audio in-
                                                        of Pro Tools, all of which share the same user          puts... an XLR mic input, a 6.35mm instrument jack
                                                        interface and file format. The primary distinction is   and stereo RCA connectors. Plus, there are panel
                                                        the hardware they work with. Pro Tools HD runs on       controls that enable convenient mixing of all inputs.
                                                        elite, high-end Pro Tools|HD hardware. Pro Tools
                                                        LE works with a variety of AVID (Digidesign)            ProjectMix I/O - for the DAW
                                                        hardware including the MBox 2 family. PTMP              The piece de resistance for multi-channel recording
                                                        requires connectivity with an M-Audio interface...      is the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O... an all-in-one
                                                        and it is this option that has made Pro Tools far       FireWire MIDI/audio interface and control surface
                                                        more accessible at the secondary level.                 with an array of connectivity options. There are
                                                                                                                sixteen inputs, i.e. eight XLR mic inputs and eight
                                                        Sono 61 and KeyStudio 49i - in the lab                  line inputs, with a switch determining which input
                                                        When designing a new lab, or upgrading an existing      is “live”. All mic inputs have preamps, phantom
                                                        one, the keyboard controllers that we most often        power and individual gain controls. All line inputs
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