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ACCENT Special Edition - August 2010                                                                                                          5





Zoom        No 24bit/96kHz              Adjustable   No No Lo-cut filter                     MicroSD card  Auto-level control
H1          No 24bit/96kHz    Yes X/Y config                                                 Up to 32GB    Attach to video camera as
Zoom                                                                                                       external mic
H2          Yes 24bit/96kHz             Condenser                                                          Track markers
            No 24bit/96kHz
Zoom        No 24bit/48kHz         X/Y config x 2                   Normalise                SD card       Auto-record
H4n                                                                 Lo-cut filter            512MB in-     Pre-record
                              No   Front & rear      No   Yes Compressor                     cluded        Auto gain control
Roland                             Surround                         Limiter                  Up to 32GB    Track markers
R05                                                                 3D panning function                    Tuner & Metronome
Edirol                             Condenser                                                               AC adaptor included
M-Audio                                                                                                    Auto-record
II                                                            Normalise                                    Pre-record
Tascam                                                                                                     Auto gain control
DR-1                                                          Lo-cut filter                                Track markers
Tascam                                                                                                     Control playback speed
DR-100                                   Adjustable           Compressor                     SD card       Control playback pitch
Tascam                        Yes X/Y config                                                               XLR/phone connectors
DR-2d                                                Opt  Yes Limiter                        1GB included  Built-in 4-track mixer
Tascam                                   Condenser                                                         Tuner & Metronome
DR-07                                                         Centre cancel function Up to 32GB
DR-08                                                         50 DSP effects

Korg                                                          Guitar amp modelling
                                                                                                           AC adaptor included

                                                                                                           Rehearsal mode

                              No   Stereo            No   No  Reverb (4 types)               SD card       Control playback speed
                                   Condenser                  Trim, divide & combine         2GB included  Loop playback
                                                                                             Up to 32GB    Auto-record


                              Yes  Stereo                                  Reverb (4 types)  SD card       Auto gain control
                                   Condenser                               Lo-cut filter     512MB in-     Control playback speed
                                                     Yes No Limiter                          cluded        AC Adaptor included
                                                                           Compressor        Up to 32GB
                                                                           Gain Boost

            Yes 24bit/96kHz             Stereo       No No Limiter                           CF Card       S/PDIF input
                              No Condenser                                                                 RCA line outputs
                                                                                                           Track markers

            No 24bit/48kHz    No   Stereo            No   No  Lo-cut filter                  SD card       Auto gain control
                                   A/B config                 Limiter                        1GB included  Tuner
                                                                                                           Vocal cancel
                                                                                                           Overdub existing recording

            Yes 24bit/96kHz   Yes  2 cardioid        Yes  No  Lo-cut filter                  SD card       2 x XLR mic inputs
                                   2 omni                     Limiter                        2GB included  Auto gain control
                                                                                                           Track markers

            No 24bit/96kHz    Yes  Stereo                                  Reverb            SD card       Auto-record
                                   Condenser         Yes No Lo-cut filter                    2GB included  Dual recording
                                                                                                           Control playback speed
                                                                           Limiter                         Auto-gain control
                                                                                                           Track markers
                                                                                                           Loop playback

            No 24bit/48kHz    No   Stereo            No   No  Lo-cut filter                  SD card       Control playback speed
                                   Condenser                  Limiter                        2GB included  Loop playback
                                                                                                           Auto-gain control

            No 24bit/96kHz               Adjustable                        Lo-cut filter     MicroSD card  Auto-record
                              Yes Stereo             No No Noise cancelling                  2GB included  Timer record mode
                                         Cardioid                          EQ                              Kickstand
                                                                                                           Auto-level control
                                                                                                           Control playback speed
                                                                                                           Loop playback

                                                                                                           Unlimited Tracks

                                                                                                           Auto-level control

                                                                                                           Control playback speed

                                                              100 DSP effects                              Loop playback

            No 16bit/44.1kHz  Yes  Stereo            No   No  Guitar amp modelling MicroSD card            Unlimited undo/redo
                                   Condenser                                                               Continuous overdub
                                                              Lo-cut filter                  2GB included

                                                              Noise gate                                   Track markers

                                                                                                           Rhythm function


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