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JBL EON Speaker Systems                                                                                                 ü Primary

High  power,  low  weight,                             student  (&  teacher)                                  friendly  ü  Secondary
                                                                                                                        ü  Tertiary

                                    EON515             EON500 series                                          EON300 series
                                                       The EON 500 series sets the benchmarks in port-        Lower cost and lower power means the EON300
Professional, portable speaker                         able sound reinforcement for music performances        series can still provide you with high performance
systems that won’t break the                           and general PA and A/V applications. Both models       EON quality sound on a lower budget. Both models
budget or your back.                                   in this series are bi-amped with highly efficient      feature the same design criteria as the EON500
                                                       Crown® digital amplifiers and include a 3 channel      series.
When it comes to live sound speaker                    input mixer.                                           EON315 - with 280W of bi-amped power this
             systems JBL has had an enviable world-                                                           system will deliver great performance for medium
             wide reputation for decades. In fact the  EON515 - The EON515 is the best choice for             sized audiences. Main details:
JBL company began manufacturing cutting edge           larger audiences and when mixing instruments
speaker technology in 1946 in Los Angeles, built on    along with voice. Certainly in a school/educational       • 15” LF and 1” HF drivers.
successes of founder James B Lansing in develop-       setting a pair of EON515s would meet most in-             • 280W of continuous power (220W LF + 60W
ing speaker systems for the fledgling sound movie      tended uses... including sports days on the oval. For
theatre industry in the 1930s.                         the more demanding performances (eg when fully                    HF)
                                                       miking the drum kit and DI’ing the bass guitar in a                   • 127dB SPL max output (1m)
The latest 300 and 500 series of EON speakers          rock band) then the addition of the EON518S sub                       • 50Hz~18kHz (± 3dB) range
maintain the long JBL tradition of leading design,     woofer(s) would have it all covered. Main details:                     • Selectable EQ settings
but these two series are of particular relevance to                                                                           • Balanced XLR/TRS combo input
schools and students. Utilising the latest develop-       • 15” LF and 1” HF drivers.                                         (can accept microphone directly).
ments in switch mode power supplies and digital           • 450W of continuous power (350W LF + 100W                          • Weight - 15.9kg
Class-D power amplifiers the powered (active)
models in the EON300 and EON500 series are                  HF)                                                               EON305 - the passive (unpowered)
incredibly light weight and deliver stunning, high        • 129dB SPL max output (1m)                                         model in the range, this is an ideal
powered and efficient performance.                        • 42Hz~18kHz (± 3dB) range                                          speaker to run with a suitable pow-
                                                          • Selectable EQ settings                                            ered mixer (or mixer + power amp).
The cabinet designs of all models in the EON series       • Balanced XLR and 2 x TRS inputs (can accept                       Main details:
(except the EON518S sub woofer) allow standard
mounting on a speaker stand or horizontal use as a          microphone directly).                                           • 15” LF and 1” HF drivers.
floor monitor at an appropriate angle. With industry      • Weight - 14.8kg                                              • 280W continuous power handling
standard M10 suspension points you can also                                                                      • 128dB SPL maximum output (1m)
choose to conveniently hang the speakers from a        EON510 - The EON 510 is an amaz-                          • 50Hz~18kHz (± 3dB) frequency range
stage rig or include them in an aesthetically pleas-   ingly compact model and perfect for high                  • Speakon NL4 and TS (jack) inputs
ing fixed installation... such as the performing arts  performance vocal and music ensemble                      • Weight - 15kg
centre or school hall.                                 reinforcement. Similar to the EON515...
                                                       just smaller, with a 10” bass driver, lower                           For more information
All models (except EON518S sub woofer) have            power and incredibly light. Main details:                                   and advice
a wide 100° horizontal dispersion and tight 60°
vertical. All powered models also included dynamic        • 10” LF and 1” HF drivers.                                        contact Music EDnet
limiting/protection.                                      • 280W of continuous power (220W                                       1300 723 700

                 EON515 control panel                       LF + 60W HF)                                          
                                                          • 121dB SPL max output (1m)
                                                          • 70Hz~17kHz (± 3dB) range                                                    EON Carry Bag
                                                          • Selectable EQ settings                                                      available, all models
                                                          • Balanced XLR and 2 x TRS inputs (can
                                                                                                                                     EON518S Subwoofer
                                                            accept microphone directly).                                             with EON515 full
                                                          • Weight - 7.7kg                                                           range speaker on top

                                                       EON518S - The super powerful sub woofer for
                                                       those demanding low frequencies. Compatible with
                                                       all the EON bi-amped speakers (and the passive
                                                       EON315 with suitable amplifier) the EON518S
                                                       provides bass at full power down to 42Hz (low E
                                                       on a bass), but extends even lower.

                                                       This speaker includes a pole mount on top (to
                                                       support an EON515/510/315) and
                                                       is easily managed by two students.
                                                       Main details:

                                                          • 18” LF driver.
                                                          • 500W of continuous power
                                                          • 129dB SPL max output (1m)
                                                          • 42Hz~100Hz (± 3dB) range
                                                          • Selectable EQ settings
                                                          • Balanced XLR stereo or mono

                                                            line inputs and 1 x TS (jack)
                                                            speaker level input
                                                          • Weight - 29.6kg
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