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2 ACCENT Special Edition - August 2010

Planning beyond next year                                                                                           Documenting the plan with
                                                                                                                    recommendations from
...continued from page 1                                                                                            Music EDnet.

able to advise on architectural plans, classroom                         detailed list of software, hardware
ergonomics that maximise efficiency and we                               (including computers and network/
can work with your contractors regarding sound                           power needs etc), furniture and eve-
reinforcement in performance and practice spaces.                        rything else, such as staffing/training,
All this can amount to considerable cost savings                         and space (classroom, performance
and/or the avoidance of major design flaws. It is                        area/studio etc.). It may well add up
far too common for us to see finished facilities that                    to a small fortune, but don’t be put
have considerable shortcomings... and too late or                        off. If your vision was based on the
expensive to fix.                                                        criteria mentioned earlier it is justifi-
                                                                         ably appropriate.
If you are wanting to prepare a plan for an existing
department/facility then the timing is not so critical.                  From here it is a matter of gaining
It is more about stepping back, looking at cur-                          support for your vision and this will
riculum objectives, class sizes (all year levels) and                    require leadership and, importantly,
establishing, in the first instance, a vision for your                   an ability to deal with micro-politics
department ... ignoring budgets, space, timetables,                      in your school. You need to gain the
staffing or any other constraints.                                       support of school leaders, colleagues
                                                                         and maybe the governing council or
Once you have a vision you are well on your way.                         board, but it can be done and it is well
You now have a clear mission to realise your vi-         worth the effort. And realising that this is all part of
sion and you will begin to infect others with your       an ongoing and dynamic process is key.
enthusiasm. Believe me, it rubs off on colleagues
and your students.                                       Once this is done you can then start to look at fund-
                                                         ing options, budgets and other initial constraints.
Next, you take stock of where you are now and            All this will determine the priorities and time line
the facilities you currently have and detail all that    to implement your plans. It may take several years
is required to reach your goal. This will include a      to complete, but it will get there. And this is a far
                                                         better outcome than the drudgery of compromise in
                                                         our earlier scenario.

                                                         Do you ever really achieve your vision?

                                                         If planned well you will almost certainly achieve
                                                         your goals. But in reality your vision should be
                                                         part of your annul planning process, evolving on
                                                         a continuous 3-5 year cycle. Change is a given
                                                         and technology in particular sets a brisk pace for
                                                         change. You just need to keep informed of trends
                                                         and best practice ... not that hard to do and it can be
                                                         incredibly motivating.

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Pro Tools control room                                                                                              Looking ahead..
Pembroke School SA
                                                                                                                    A very useful insight into the impact of tech-
                                                                                                                    nology in education over the next 1-5 years.

                                                                                                                    2010 Horizon Report: The K12 Edition

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