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                Tweet, tweet,
                blah.. and all
                that Web 2.0

Dear Educator,

Social networking, blogs, wikis, forums, cloud
computing, web and mobile apps, mashups....
believe it or not, this stuff has been evolving
on the web now for around 10 years. Although
the term “Web 2.0” is believed to have first
appeared in 1999 it really began to gain
popularity following O’Reilly Media’s “Web
2.0” conference in the US in 2004.

In a nutshell, Web 2.0 describes a collection       Budget Time...                                        Walford Anglican Girls School
of web based services that allow interactive                                                                                       Adelaide SA
information sharing, collaboration and user-
centric web-site design (e.g. igoogle ... www.      An opportunity to plan beyond next year ) as well as access to apps (e.g.
google apps ... ... and
moodle and elluminate) that are running
somewhere on a web server rather than your
local computer or mobile device. All this is now
having an enormous effect on our daily lives...
and particularly in education and professional
learning networks.

Hardly a day goes by where there isn’t a news       About this time each year we receive many             asking a few questions can uncover. There is no
story covering very real concerns for privacy on              calls and emails relating to budgets. Some  doubt that you would know your department and
social network sites (SNS). The social aspect of              of them are about using up what’s left in   how it works better than anyone else, but it is also
Web 2.0 is perhaps the most widely known. The       this year’s bucket, but the bulk of enquiries are     true that working “in” it every day is very differ-
fact is that most of us are using web and cloud     about gathering information for the budget for the    ent to working “on” it. This is the perspective we
based applications all the time. But it is really   year ahead. If you are fortunate enough to have       encourage and for you to take some time away
worth taking some time to learn more about Web      a department that is well equipped and humming        from the day-to-day. Add to this the expertise and
2.0 and how you can put it to very good use...      along this is usually a straight forward process. In  perspective that Music EDnet brings to bear and the
for yourself and your students. At the same time,   this case, when it comes to technology, it may in-    outline of your plan quickly begins to take shape.
learn how to avoid the pitfalls.                    clude software updates, a new software program or
                                                    two, replacing some older items and adding some       Working with hundreds of schools, dealing with
Twitter is becoming one of the most prolific        new gear that enhances student learning and en-       different curricula (state, IB, VET etc.) and witness-
tools used by educators... not for trivial chit-    gagement... such as portable audio/video recorders,   ing best practice, innovative ideas and engaged
chat, but rather as a means of building a personal  a JamHub system, a touring PA, additional wireless    students is stimulating to say the least. But seeing
learning network (or PLN) of mentors and            mic channels, electronic drum kits, portable light-   the opposite end of the spectrum and the lack of
colleagues around the world. Because you can        ing and so on.                                        leadership in some schools can be frustratingly sad.
choose who you follow you can seek out those
whom you respect as leaders in their field, have    More likely however, you are faced with the ongo-             So... back to the planning.
similar professional interests... or indeed can     ing challenge of wanting far more than you know
challenge your thinking. And if you do receive      you will get, trying to balance repairs and mainte-   While Music EDnet specifically focuses on technol-
too much trivia... stop following them. Easy.       nance with a desire for improved connectivity and     ogy ... basically anything involving ICT, classroom
Follow the right people and they will lead you to   performance, and perhaps a few new goodies.           technology, music, audio, video, media, lighting
many valuable resources and ideas... which you                                                            and electric/electronic instruments and amplifica-
can also pass on to your followers. And yes, you    So how do you break this nexus and get your de-       tion ... our planning formula is equally effective
can now follow Music EDnet on Twitter ...           partment on a progressive track for the future?       if applied to your instrumental/band program and
(@ MusicEDnet).                                                                                           acoustic instruments and related infrastructure.
                                                       It’s all about having the right plan!
Enjoy.                Music EDnet                                                                         When you are building a new program and have
                         is here                    At Music EDnet we work with teachers around the       major capital works on the agenda (e.g. new
Keith Huxtable                                      country preparing plans than can and do ensure        performing arts facilities, school building program)
Managing Director                                   success.                                              the earlier we get involved the better. We are

                                                    It is quite amazing what a pair of fresh eyes and     ...continued on page 2
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