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ACCENT Special Edition - February 2010                                   5

                                                           Auralia 4 & Musition 4Now available                     ü Middle School
                                                                                                                   ü Secondary
                                                                                                                   ü Tertiary

In the previous issue of Accent we announced                                        Musition 4 is the complete     and effectively. Also facilitates students working
    the much anticipated 2010 release of Auralia                                    software for learning and      outside the classroom without teacher supervision.
    4 and Musition 4 from local (Melbourne)                                         testing music theory. With
publisher Rising Software and in November, hosted                                   34 topics, Musition’s drills   Interface: Every screen has been revised, with a
preview sessions with author Peter Lee in both                                      and lessons cover Note         contemporary new look and a renewed emphasis on
Adelaide and Perth.                                                                 Reading, Chords, Intervals,    consistency and ease-of-use.
                                                                                    Scales, Terms, Rhythm, Key
Auralia and Musition have long been known as                                        Signatures and much more.      Auralia and Musition also both offer extensive
the ultimate solution for Ear Training and Theory                                   Integrated assessment and      record keeping and testing features, ALL of which
Training. Now, for the very first time, both are           administration features make Musition 4 ideal for       are completely networkable.
available for Windows and Mac platforms simulta-           use in the classroom or at home.
neously – with the same feature set!                                                                               The arrival of Auralia 4 and Musition 4 certainly
                                                           For a closer look at what’s new in Musition 4           marks the re-birth of these popular music software
                           Auralia 4 is the complete       please go to               staples. For the many, many schools using previ-
                           Ear Training package.                                                                   ous versions (particular Mac users) this will be a
                           Auralia’s 41 topics cover       New features common to both                             welcome upgrade. For schools not yet using these
                           Intervals, Scales, Chords,      programs                                                programs, we strongly recommend you consider
                           Rhythm, Melodic Dicta-          Courses: predefined and integrated pathways of          doing so!
                           tion, Jazz Chords and much      Drills, Lessons and Tests that target a particular
                           more. Lessons are provided      pedagogical requirement. Courses supporting vari-         Need more help in deciding what’s best for
                           for each topic followed by      ous Syllabuses are included, as well as a custom-         your situation?
                           a series of exercise drills     ised course targeting Band students.
                           with all student results being                                                                       Contact Music EDnet.
recorded. Comprehensive assessment and adminis-            Solfege Support: This exciting new feature allows
tration features make Auralia 4 suitable for use by        students to enter their answers using Solfege note        Free upgrades
students and teachers in the home and at school or         names (Do, Ra, Mi, Fa etc.) as well as allowing
university.                                                questions to be displayed on the Solfege controller.         If your school has purchased a 5-pack or multi-
                                                                                                                        seat license of Auralia or Musition after July
For an in-depth look at the new features in Auralia        Lessons: Allows students to easily browse through            1, 2009 and have not yet received your FREE
4 please visit                 subject areas and address problem areas quickly              upgrade please contact Warrick or Keith at
                                                                                                                        Music EDnet on 1300 723 700.

Sibelius 6 Student

       Just in time for the                                composition projects. Now you can save revisions                                               hardly notice.
                                      2010 school year,    to your score as you write, name each version, and                                             As you write, it
                                      Avid Technology      rollback to it whenever you want; and everything is                                            gives everything
                                announced the release      saved within the same file. This will allow students                                           just the right
                                of Sibelius Student        to document the progress of their work by saving                                               amount of space
                                6. Recommended for         various versions at particular intervals along the                                             and avoids colli-
                                students in upper pri-     time line of the composition. In addition, you can                                             sions – producing
                                mary through year 10,      view, play back or print out any version instantly at   beautiful results. This one feature will greatly
                                Sibelius Student offers    any time. What’s more, you can even copy some-          reduce the time required to format a piece of music
an affordable means of having a feature-limited            thing you prefer from an earlier version into your      in Sibelius and will prevent students and teachers
version of Sibelius at home. And with many schools         current score!                                          alike from getting bogged down in making minor
now using Sibelius 6 it is important that students         Comments: Just like a sticky note you can add           yet time-consuming adjustments. Magnetic Layout
have Sibelius Student 6 at home so as to take full                                                                 in Sibelius Student is identical to Sibelius 6, except
advantage of the new features and ensure compat-           to your score, and when used in conjunction with        for advanced customisation and disabling for
ibility between home and school.                           ‘Versions’ are a great way of documenting progress,     individual objects.
                                                           making suggestions, reminders and reviews. When
There are many new time-saving features in                 you add a comment, Sibelius automatically includes          IMPORTANT CONDITIONS
Sibelius Student 6, several of which greatly assist        your name, the date and the time. If you add a com-
the teacher-student workflow.                              ment to a selected passage, it will also include the        • Students can ONLY purchase Sibelius
                                                           instrument(s) and bars referred to.                            Student through their school.
Versions: A fantastic new feature, particularly for        Magnetic Layout: Takes care of almost every de-
                                                           tail of score layout for you – so effortlessly, you’ll      • The school must have a multi-seat
                                                                                                                          license of Sibelius (min of 5 seats, full

                                                                                                                       •A minimum order of 20 copies is required
                                                                                                                          for booklist pricing... but additional cop-
                                                                                                                          ies can be ordered as required.

                                                                                                                       •	A school order is required to purchase
                                                                                                                          from Music EDnet.

                                                                                                                       •	Sibelius Student must NOT be installed
                                                                                                                          on school campus computers.
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