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ACCENT Special Edition - February 2010                                                                                        3

NEW Vado HD Gen 3                                                                                                                                      ü Primary
                                                                                                                                                       ü Secondary
Pocket sized HD camcorders for Mac & PC                                                                                                                ü Tertiary


                                                                                                                 Vado HD Gen 3 and
                                                                                                                 Monkey Grip bundles
                                                                                                                 now available

Now 3 glorious colours : White, Cyan and Black

The Vado HD pocket camcorders have proven                 Vado Central 3.0 is a convenient program that               or output videos on non-HDMI displays via an
        very popular with teachers for spontaneous        transfers your video clips from the Vado HD to the          analog AV cable
        capturing in the classroom. The convenience       computer as well as perform basic editing (to com-        • 3 quality levels ... HD+ (1 hour), HD (2 hours
of pocketable size and built-in USB connector is          pile a movie) and capture still images from a clip.         or VGA (4 hours) with the built-in 4GB
perfect for instantly recording student activities,                                                                   memory.
                                                          Key Features                                              • Rechargeable battery runs approx 2 hours and
                          performances and presenta-      There are a number of new features in the Vado HD           is recharged via USB
                          tion and immediately play       Gen 3 including:                                          • 2x digital zoom
                          them back... or archive into                                                              • HDMI port (cable included) to connect to a
                          class folders for use in pres-     • New touch controls, reducing moving parts              digital TV or monitor
                          entations, compiling learning      • Power switch now has a one-touch lock feature        • Mounting hole for a tripod.
                          records, recording student
                          progress and so on.                  to avoid accidental recording                     The cost of the Vado HD Gen 3 is also lower
                                                             • There is a new button on the side to choose be-   than previous models and you have a choice of 3
The new 3rd Generation of VadoHD                                                                                 colours... White, Cyan or Black. It even has a loop/
The new series adds even more flexibility and                  tween movie (MP4) or still (JPEG) capturing...    hole to connect a lanyard (such as those used on
convenience and the updated video format (MP4)                 great new feature!                                USB thumb drives).
is now compatible with both Mac and Windows                  • New multi-function jack socket. Plug in a ster-
computers. The Vado Central 3.0 software that                  eo microphone for enhanced audio recording        A most useful tool for all teachers... whatever class
comes with the Vado HD is also now for both Mac                - an especially handy feature in news reporting,  or subject you teach.
and Windows.                                                   concert filming and more. You can also connect
                                                               headphones to this socket for private listening     Contact Music EDnet for more details
                                                                                                                                 Ph 1300 723 700
Rechargeable battery pack for Zoom Q3
Now available from Music EDnet, a conven-                 regardless of which batter-
          ient pack of 4 x high capacity NiMH AA          ies you use... however, the                                      Available NOW
          rechargeable batteries and charger for the      rechargeables will save you
popular Zoom Q3 camcorder.                                considerable cost over a very                           Previous model Vado HD
                                                          short time.                                             and running a Mac?
                          The Zoom Q3 has the ability
                          to run from either normal       The ENELOOP pack in-                                    You can now download new Vado Central
                          AA alkaline batteries or        cludes four batteries, which                            software that will allow you to:
                          rechargeables, thanks to        allows you to charge two
                          the settings available in the   while using two in the Q3.                                • preview video clips.
                          menu of the Q3. This is an                                                                • transfer files to your Mac.
                          important feature of the Q3       Contact Music EDnet                                     • convert videos to MP4 format for use in
                          as NiMH batteries are lower         Ph 1300 723 700
                          in voltage (1.2V) compared                                                                  iMovie®.
                          to normal alkaline batteries                                      • edit videos via iMovie.
                          (1.5V). This ensures you                                                                Go to and
                          get the full operating time     Zoom Q3 + 8GB memory                                    choose Vado HD.
                                                          bundles also now available
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