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                MySchool                               K-Array KR100s
                stirs up an                            speaker system
                for leaders.

Dear Educator,

Nothing like some excitement to start off
the new school year. Regardless of all the
controversy I’d be surprised if anyone actively
involved in education hasn’t at least had
a “peek” at the federal government’s new website... and not only at their
own school’s statistics.

I must say that I do share concerns about
the distortions caused by focusing only on
literacy and numeracy tests... and the complex
and questionable “similar schools” statistical
comparisons. Not to mention the vast range
of other factors that can affect results... such
as selective enrolments, overseas students,
disability programs, class sizes and so on.

But on the bright side, it has certainly stimulated    Immanuel College Adelaide...
a lot of discussion amongst the educational            Latest audio technology for the Chapel
fraternity at every level... across the country,
systems and faculties. Maybe part of the plan??

So what does it all mean to music and the              When Music EDnet was asked to                    vocals. For the Immanuel chapel this meant
arts... or for that matter, the role of creativity in               put together a proposal for a new   we would be placing considerable emphasis
education? I suspect that teachers will simply get                  sound reinforcement system for      on the choice and placement of speakers
on with job at hand and that increased attention
on education will have a positive affect. The          the Immanuel College chapel late last year       to minimise reverberation and disperse the
vast majority of educational leaders will
continue to take a holistic approach to education.     the brief was simple...                          sound, ideally, only to the audience and very
“Working the system” around NAPLAN, in
my mind, should mean aggressively targeting            “...high quality sound for speech and live       little elsewhere.
the help promised from the federal government
rather than pushing other subjects down the            music covering the entire audience, including    Adding to our design criteria was the desire to
priority list.
                                                       under and on the balcony.”                       ensure that the speaker system was aestheti-

                                                       Of course achieving a high quality result in a   cally in harmony with the chapel... and, if
                                                       highly reverberant environment is anything       possible, be virtually invisible.

And this should be a good thing for music and          but simple. And the wide range of uses for the   Introducing the hi-tech K-Array...
the arts... remember all that research that is now     chapel... including services, assemblies and     superb speaker system technology
well documented. In NSW in the 70’s a ten              musical performances... dictates a significant
year research program showed convincingly
that students who were given classroom and             number of simultaneous input channels and        The new K-Array systems only arrived in
instrumental music lessons in years K-7
performed 11-20% better in every subject...            adequate foldback for performers. All this to    Australia in mid 2009, but have established
including those targeted in the NAPLAN tests.
                                                       be achieved in a large octagonal area with       quite a reputation around the world for high

                                                       brick, concrete and glass wall surfaces and a    performance, highly controlled sound. Major

                                                       15m high ceiling!                                auditoria, TV studios and houses of worship

The hidden agenda behind MySchool may                  Defining high quality sound and                  have been high on the impressive list of
in fact have more to do with the national               the performance requirements                    installations of K-Array speaker systems.
curriculum. And with the Arts now well down
that track I think we have some exciting                                                                Having evaluated the K-Array systems soon
opportunities to bring creativity to the fore.
                                                       The design criteria we used was based on         after they arrived it was clear that the main

                                                       ensuring clear articulation (of consonants) for  system for Immanuel should be the KR100s...

Enjoy.                                                 speech and a smooth wide frequency range         a 1500W bi-amped system consisting of two

Keith Huxtable                                         for music... and deliver this evenly over the    DSP controlled bi-amps and 12” sub woofers
Managing Director         Music EDnet               entire audience. Sound levels should also        and two incredibly efficient line arrays. Each
                                is here
                                                       be as even as possible for every seat and        line array measures 1 m high, but only 5.5

                                                       with sufficient headroom to complement           cm wide and 7 cm deep... almost invisible.

                                                       the dynamics of live instruments and        KR100 Line Array        ...continued on page 2
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