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Article KB00049: Activating a Sibelius UPGRADE & SUPPORT PLAN - ACADEMIC


How to process your 'Sibelius UPGRADE & SUPPORT PLAN - ACADEMIC' Education Eligibility Verification and subsequent 'redemption' code.

Applies to:

Academic single-users only (Non-academic users please click here) upgrading from Sibelius single-user licences that do not have a current 'upgrade & support' plan associated with their existing Sibelius licence. 

Note: For the case of upgrading existing Sibelius 8+ licences, the previous upgrade & support plan must specifically show as 'expired' in your Avid account for these steps to apply.  The academic 'UPGRADE & SUPPORT PLAN' package has been created by Avid to service academic Sibelius users in this situation.


*Note; you will need to meet Avid’s academic user eligibility verification criteria at the link below to qualify to use one of these packages.  If you were formerly an academic user of Sibelius when you purchased your existing licence, but no longer meet the eligibility verification requirements at the link below, you will need to purchase one of the standard, non-academic 'UPGRADE & SUPPORT PLAN' packages instead:



The redemption code on the back of your purple 'Get Current with Sibelius' card from the box, or received via direct email from Music Education Network should be in this format for the following instructions to apply:


'Sibelius UPGRADE & SUPPORT PLAN - ACADEMIC' codes start with ‘EDU’, so rather than starting in your Avid account, they initially need to be used on the ‘identit-E’ website, which is the 3rd party company that handles Education Eligibility Verification checking for Avid.  The link below will redirect you to identit-E so you can complete the academic verification process:


Once this is completed (it usually takes a working day or two for identit-E to process it notify you of your approval), you’ll be sent a final verification/download code from identit-E that you can use in your Avid account to complete the process.  The email from identit-E will provide the appropriate link for this final step.

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